Thursday, February 17, 2011

I got up early this morning and headed to school to meet with Shanae, a sweet girl from my class . We were going to do some homework on giving diagnostic tests, and we met before our Anatomy and Physiology, and then scooted over to the auditorium to listen to a rousing wind-up to the digestive system. I headed home and made a pot of soup to drop off at my friend's house. I sat down and nearly finished one paper on a case study. I wrote up a proposal for a position paper. I worked on the standardized test paper that I'd been working on. I wrote up a protocol for a preschool group activity (wrapping it around "I Wanna Iguana"...the theme is 'Pet Week'.) Then I went to work. It felt good to be so productive.

Tomorrow we head to Dylan's house. It will be Cara's last weekend home. She wants to go to New York City one last time before she goes. She wants to see her brother. She is referring to this as her 'Farewell to America' tour. I have a four day weekend from school, and I have taken the weekend off from work. We will return on Monday, dropping Cara off at her friend's house on the way. Her friends will take her to Pittsburgh to catch her flight.

Oh. And Brianna is in the hospital. Since they are giving her an epidural, I guess it's not false labor this time. Before we head to Allentown, we'll probably head to Erie to see this grandbaby we've been waiting on.

Busy times. Busy times.


Caroline said...

ooh congratulations grandma to be!

quid said...

let us know all the grandbaby details!


Bill of Wasilla said...

Been gone, traveling, computer and internet problems, no time to check blogs, still not much, but...



Have a good time.

And don't eat anything that will give you indigestion.

An iguana would probably be okay.

I've never heard of anyone getting indigestion from eating iguana.

Jayne said...

Congrats on the grandbaby!

jeanie said...

Woo hoo - lots of excitement this weekend. Best of luck for everything - and enjoy!!!