Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Sometimes, with all the school stuff, I get overwhelmed, and I find that I lose sight of the 'big picture'. I can't see the forest for the trees, I guess. And that is the way that it has been lately. A lot of stuff going on, both in and out of the classroom. School work has become one more thing on a long list of things that I have to do. Today, though, a cool thing happened. In our pediatrics class, we've been studying reflexes and critical competancies. A lot of memorization. We've been studying the paperwork, and the process. But today, all of it came together. The teacher stood before us with a doll. She began to say things like "Say that our little who-zit cannot lift her head from the prone position. What would you do?" And we looked at all the bolsters and the wedges, the equipment, the slant boards, the slo-mo balls, and we began to come up with therapies. All those pieces began to fit together, and I began to see the big picture, once again. I caught a glimpse of the vision that I had last fall, but lost in all the work and the insecurity and the holidays, all know how it can get. And seeing the big picture, once again, I got the idea that I'm headed where I'm going to 'fit', where I can be useful, and I found myself breathing big and thinking, "Oh, thank God."

This afternoon, we had speakers. One of them was a social working pastor who'd over come his own post war PTSD issues, his own drug abuse issues, to become a counselor to others. His bustling clinic assists 400+ people a month. His stories were exciting, and I hope to be a volunteer there. I'd like to learn how to help the mentally ill. Again, I found myself sitting in my seat and listening, and feeling excited at the possibilities.

I drove home and I was glad, so grateful, for a day when it all 'clicked'. Of course, I then discovered that I'd lost one of my favorite dangly earrings. That sucked.


Bill of Wasilla said...

I hope you find that earring. That kind of puts everything in perspective, right there.

Debby said...

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Lydia said...

Just at the moment that you get your groove on.... you lose a dangly earring. I so get that.