Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cara takes off

This is Cara, and her friend Taylor. Taylor was driving Cara to Pittsburgh to catch her flight Sunday morning. We met them for dinner Saturday night, her last night in country. I think that she was getting a little nervous about her big adventure. I think that she was second guessing herself.

I have to tell you that I was a very wise mom. I told her that she would be very glad that she'd done this thing. I told her that looking ahead at a big adventure is far more nerve wracking than actually having the big adventure. I soothed her. "It will be okay," I said. We talked during the meal, and then, all too soon it was done. All too soon, the very practical mother was kissing her youngest daughter one last time. I said encouraging things yet again, and then Tim and I turned and walked back to our car in the dark.

She will have no cell phone after she boards Korean Airlines today. I am not sure when she will be in contact next (via skype). In between these two contacts there will be a journey half way across the world. Alone. Did I mention that she's my baby? Without warning, I burst into loud bawling, that sort of bawling that is embarrassing to both the cryer and anyone within earshot. Tim made comforting noises and led me to the car. Taylor and Cara drove by, waving and grinning like chimpanzees. (It had hurt her feelings that I'd been so brave...she expected tears, and was happy to see them...)

This is a picture of where she's going. It looks like a place where a young girl could adventure safely, doesn't it?
*Waits expectantly for encouraging words*


Anonymous said...

We hosted an exchange student from Seoul, South Korea. What will Cara be doing in South Korea? The picture of where she's going is lovely. How long will Cara stay in South Korea?

steviewren said...

Cara sounds like a girl who is very capable of taking care of herself in any situation. Try not to worry. : )

Bob Barbanes: said...

It looks like a place where a young girl could adventure safely, doesn't it?

Let us hope and pray so!

Worry not about her. She is her mother's daughter. And we know you. And knowing you, she'll be fine.

Kelly said...

Of course you're worried....I would be, too. But, I also trust that it will all be wonderful and God will watch over her (and you). I'm sure it will end up being an adventure she will treasure for a lifetime!! We have to let our babies spread their wings.

Cynthia said...

No way! My step-daughter is going to Korea to teach English next month! We grilled her about her personal safety as well and are comforted that a good friend of hers has already done it for a couple of years and had a great experience. Trust your girl - she will know how to look after herself.

Debby said...

Cynthia ~ please click on my profile and you can contact me via e-mail...Where will your girl be headed? We need to talk, sistah!

Bill of Wasilla said...

I'll bet it is a safer place than ANY American big city - except, perhaps, for New York - once so dangerous, now so safe.

BB said...

Hugs to you - this will be Violet in the blink of an eye no doubt!

And HAVE FUN to Cara - as others have already said (and as I have seen for myself) she has her head screwed on.


R Phillips said...

My son and daughter and law had a great two years in Korea. My granddaughter was "made in Korea!" :) They were in Pyongtaek, about an hour south of Seoul and have made friends for life there, although now they have moved on to the Philippines.
Cara will have some wonderful adventures and stories...and you'll be thankful for Skype!