Friday, January 21, 2011

Today at the Tractor Supply

It feels like forever since I've been at work. Our hours have been cut. It is a slow time for us. But I worked today, and you all are going to LOVE this story. A young girl came in. She is maybe 11 or 12. She was with her mom. I've seen her there before. She is horse mad, and she'd bought a play set with horses. It was on sale for $9.99 and she was very excited about it. Today she came to my register with a horse magazine for kids. She opened her wallet and paid for it herself, and the young lady had quite a sum of cash. I knew she'd had a recent birthday, but still, that was a heck of a lot of money.

Her mother was watching her closely, and the young miss counted out the money carefully, and the tucked her change back into her stuffed wallet. The mother commented that she'd earned the money herself, and impressed, I said, "So how'd you do that?" Turned out that the young lady had taken orders for pumpkin rolls. She sold them for $5. each. She made over 60 of them during the holidays. Excited at her success, she was launching into bread making. "And what kind of bread do you make?" I asked. Whole wheat bread and english muffins among other things. Looking at the young lady I was all kinds of ways impressed, and I told her so. I also told her that I was going to tell her little story. Speaking with her mother, I said, "Once a kid realizes that hard work brings success, it doesn't matter what path they pursue, they will do well." The mother agreed. I watched the two of them leave, and I was amazed at what this little pippersqueak was doing, and on her own too.

Today at school, I met a very elderly lady. She's taking Anatomy and Physiology II. I stopped to visit with her, curious about her story. She's studying to be a nurse. She's got to be nearly 70. Her story? All her life she'd been a mail carrier. She never had the money for school. She was raising a family. Finally, it was just her, and she didn't know what to do with herself. It occured to her that she finally had the money for school. So she enrolled. She doesn't want to work in a hospital. She's thinking she'd like to be a missionary. I was amazed at what this elderly woman is doing, and on her own, too.

Age doesn't matter, does it? You can be a success no matter how old you are. Today I met two people that proved it.


Pencil Writer said...


Jayne said...

There's no barrier to learning, no matter what age :)
Love that story about the little girl, good to know some know the value and pleasure hard work brings :)

Donna said...

Wonderful stories, although as a 66-year-old woman, I had to smile at "very elderly". I used to think the same way when I was your age. Now "elderly" is 65 and up; "very elderly" is 80 and above. It's all in your perspective.

Bob said...

This warms my heart, Debby. I am already saving $$ for all my "second" careers! After I become a Clinical Psychologist I'm going to get a Ph.D. in classical music.

Anonymous said...

Touching stories, both of them!

A Novel Woman said...

Lovely story, Debby.

I was confused about the pumpkin rolls though (and pepperoni sticks, when it comes to that.) In my head, I was thinking what exactly is a pumpkin roll? A type of bread or loaf or something? I was about to ask the question "how do you make a pumpkin roll?" when I answered it:

You set it down at the top of a hill and let go.

I blame my fever.

Kelly said... Novel Woman's comment!!

Both the young girl and the "elderly" woman impress me. As for elderly....I think of my aunt who is 98. Perspective, perspective, perspective.