Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time Travel

A couple years ago, Cara became obsessed with finding a record player. A record player. Yeah. I know. I don't get it either. She just feels that classical music is more 'authentic' when played as a record on a record player. I remember my experience with records. Skipping. Popping. Repeating. Yeah. I wasn't a fan of the authentic nature of the record player, much preferring my CDs. But like I said, Cara became obsessed, and when Caras are obsessed, they generally get what they are aiming for, so she found a record player. Interestingly enough, she wound up buying a new record player with a MP3 dock. For 20 bucks or something insane. She really is quite a wheeler and dealer, and no, I've no idea where she got that wheeling, dealing gene from, so don't even ask.

So now that she's got this record player, she's been collecting records, and you don't get the new stuff on records. So she gets classical music, and she has become a fan of musicals. I found "The King and I" for her for Christmas. Last night, she and Taylor went thrift store shopping and discovered "South Pacific." Now Cara received quite a bit of money at Christmas, and so she also bought herself a new lap top. It was a display, and she argued her case so effectively, that she got it for $150 off, and several upgrades. (No. I've already said that I have no idea where she gets that from, so why are you even asking?!!! Gees!)

In any case, last night, she and her friend, Taylor, listened to South Pacific, singing along as they played with the new computer. Tim and I were already in bed when we heard the front door, and then her car, and the two of them were gone into the darkness. Much to my surprise, it was a midnight 'craft attack,' and they went to Walmart to buy material to MAKE a laptop case for the new computer. I listened to this and said, "This is not like you, Cara," to which she replied, "I KNOW!!! All I can say is that we were magically transported back to 1949 while listening to 'South Pacific', and began to think of things like sewing."

It must have happened like that, because I know for a fact that she gets her artsy-craftsy gene from me, and sad to report, I have none of those genes to bequeathe her.

Just in case you cannot make yourself believe in time travel, here's proof positive.

Still not convinced? What about this?

If you add all of this evidence to the simple fact that one genetically non-artsy/craftsy girl is suddenly moved to sew a quilted case for her new laptop just as girls did in 1949, you'll see that the evidence is unequivocal and scientific.

Time travel exists.

And don't look under the kitchen sink.

That too.

I rest my case.


steviewren said...

I have a fully stocked craft store in my basement for those nights when craft attacks occurs after midnight. Tell Cara to come over and help herself.

BB said...

That's amazing!! My son is actually learning to knit beside me now... not that I can knit, his Nana and FATHER showed him how. Heh.

Kelly said...

I can understand her obsession. I still have a record player (along with many, many albums and 45s). There's a warmth you just can't get with a CD or iPod.

Jayne said...

I have 3 'portable' record players I collected in my teens, one that hooks up to the computer (but doesn't play 78s so I need to get another of those cos 78s are MAGIC) plus the huge furniture model radiogram of my parents.
I haunt op shops (thrift stores) if there's a particular record Cara can't find, let me know and I'll keep an eye out for it :)
Does Cara like 78s or hasn't she discovered them yet?

Paula said...

When I got my first pay check from my first real job I bought a portable record player and two Sun 45's. Elvis Presley's first two. Too bad I don't still have them. Darn yard sales get rid of everything.

A Novel Woman said...

I have a box of records in the basement, including some old jazz 78s that belonged to my dad, but all the sleeves were lost in the flood. I'd love to know where Cara got the record player, since mine is kaput. And I am with her on the craft front. I got an iPad for Christmas and though I'm urged to get some high tech Apple rubber cover for it, I want to sew a cover and quilt it.

Keep your eye peeled for a Time Travel Book in your mailbox! Doo doo DOO do (that's the Twilight Zone theme.)

quid said...

I am about as creative as a rock! But I enjoyed the story!