Monday, January 24, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Yep. I'm still here. Let's go back to the '1000 Awesome Things' list.

The first thing on my list was sinking into a book, but even though I have not had a lot of time for blogging, I've been noticing other awesome things.


I was driving to school on a windy, windy day, and I was picking my way through a stretch of road that drifts badly ~ that is to say that snow blows across the fields and carries the snow into the road. In any case, one of my favorite things is when the wind catches the snow and blows it up into a minicyclone of snow that dances across the field like a white tornado. I love that. Anyways, last week, picking my way through the drifty part of the road, I caught sight of one of the snow devils, and watched it spinning out its short life, and suddenly I noticed that the field was full of snow devils, and they danced and spun right up to the sky before finally disappearing. It was magical.

And last night, we went to watch the football game with one of the kids, a pleasant night, quiet talk, (and the Steelers won, which I don't actually care about, but it seemed to make everyone else darn happy, so I was glad...), aaaaaaaanyways, Tim and I were driving past the refinery, and it was so cold that the cloud of steam had frozen and hung low, and driving through it was like driving through outer space, dark, but the headlights picking up the twinkling of a million frozen water crystals.

My amaryllis is blooming and it is white with beautiful salmon edging. I love my office with the ticking clock and the blooming amaryllis. My kids went together and bought things for that office, and it contains my favorite things, pictures by BB, and a drawing that Stevie Wren did. The office is awesome and my amaryllis is awesome, choosing to bloom during the coldest, most inhospitable time of the year.

The kids are awesome.

I had a nightmare the other night. I rarely do. I find that when a dream is truly, truly vivid, it generally means something though, and I generally try to puzzle it out. Like I said, this dream was a wang doodle and it scared me so bad that I jerked awake from it, gasping in the dark, and then lay there unable to sleep, trying to figure out what this dream meant. And I was glad for the warmth of my sleeping husband. My own breathing settled down, and began to match his, and I was soothed.

I am glad for our woodstove, and our nice warm house. This morning it is -11 degrees out. That is -24 for you who use celcius. I am glad to be cozy and warm and wrapped up in my wool blanket that snaps over my shoulders. My kids laughed at that present, but I love it. My bones love being warm.

I like the way the first sip of coffee tastes, rich and warm in your mouth, and I slip it slowly in my dark, warm house, sitting at the computer and having this time for me.

I like having a girl who knows how I want my hair cut, and she is sweet and we talk about anything and everything, and she simply cuts my hair and it turns out nicely every time. (Thanks, Amber.)

So that is my 'awesome things' list this month. Have you added to yours?


Lydia said...

Thanks for the awesome things -- I love the snow devils!

Kelly said...

Some really nice awesome things.

I was fascinated by the thought of snow devils. I've heard of dust devils, of course...but never given thought to snow devils.

The Factory said...

Hi sweetie, just checking in to see how you are.

BUSH BABE said...

Great list... mine (as you know) is enormous and I'd hardly know where to start.

I'd say, having the ability to see the beauty in things that aren't traditionally considered beautiful. 'Cause not everyone can see it - heck it wasn't long ago that I couldn't see it. But now I can. And I hang onto that ability when the stuff hits the rotors. It's what helps get me through. It's awesome to me.

Love that you love your office.

BUSH BABE said...

PS MINUS 24!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I would snap-freeze.

Jayne said...

My awesome list has the fascination I currently have with the mango tree we've sprouted from a mango seed in a glass of water.
The seed looked like an alien being with a bajillion tenacles (roots) for legs then if sprouted shoots and leaves and still looks like an alien lol.

Brianna said...

Ohhh, lets see... I love waking up every morning to the sound of my husband and his pug snoring in unison. With both of them snoring, one on either side of me, it's like surround sound snoring, LOL! I get to start every day off with a laugh, and that's an awesome way to start the day! :D

I happen to think my family is pretty awesome!

I'd have to say the most awesome thing on my list, though, is how William wakes me up every day. He wakes up, and stretches. He's too big to poke and jab too much anymore, so this is all he can do. He wakes me up like this every morning, and it's so intimate, because for that brief little bit of time, it's just me and him, no one else. Then it's time to go down and have our cup of tea or cocoa, and check all our internet stuff. That is the number one most awesome thing on my list! :)