Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pray for Oz

I've been following Bush Babe since almost the beginning of her blog. Through her, I met Jeanie, her sister, and even her mother, too. I'm not sure actually, how it came to be that I began following such a number of Oz blogs, but I do. And there was the young man who came into the store. All these things work together to put a face on the flooding in Queensland. DavidM pointed out on Scotty's blog that three quarters of Queensland is affected and that that area encompasses a half million square miles.

It amazes me that just a couple years ago, BB's stories were about the terrible drought they were in the midst of. Just last summer (their summer is our winter), she was covering the dust storms that stripped away tons of top soil. And now the flooding. Looking back, I see that she's been covering the flooding since before Christmas, and the rain just never stopped.

There are the people who have been affected in the most horrible ways. Lives have been lost. Homes destroyed. That toll is great enough. However, there are also those as yet uncounted numbers who are being indirectly affected. Bush Babe talks about the food shortages, about trucks being able to get through. Her local store is completely out of milk. Jeanie talked about no bread at hers. And I read about these things and the one thing that I know for sure is that this is just beginning. Those shortages will only get worse. It will take weeks to sort out the damage and get everything up and running properly again. This is a widespread disruption in the lives of millions.

I pray for everyone there. Stop over and share some love with these folks. If you are interested in donating, Bush Babe also has a link to Queensland's national relief agency.


BUSH BABE said...

Thanks darlin'... we honestly feel lucky to have escaped the worst of it here. Aussies are tough creatures, but there is some serious hurt going on down here. It does my heart good to feel the support from afar - so many of your countrymen and women have been wonderful already.

WE know it is really only just beginning... our cleanup will be huge - and yet nothing compared to so many.


Mikey said...

I will be praying for those folks. What a heck of a disaster. I'm wondering if something like that will hit us in the next few years and how we'd deal with it.
They're going to have a lot of cleanup, if the rain ever stops...

jeanie said...

Deb - it is going to get worse. In the short term, the floods have spread out of our state and are affecting all of the states on the Eastern seaboard.

Our 3 main industries here are mining, tourism and agriculture. At least 1/4 of our mines are flooded and will take some major infrastructure upgrades and a huge cleanup to get back into production. Tourism - well, I foresee a roaring trade in volunteers and rubberneckers - but frankly, coming here to enjoy the weather has been blown out of the water. And last night I heard over 1/2 of all of Australia's agricultural land is currently under water.

While it is only affecting those in the midst right now, it isn't just going to be those directly impacted feeling it in the next year or two.

I found myself some bootleg news (ha ha - if you saw my comment at BBs place, you may gather I am a gourmand of news) about freak storms in other parts of our land - and the globe. Is anywhere normal any more?

We live in the interesting times of the Chinese proverb right now. Hold on for the ride.

Karen said...

My heart goes out to the family of the 13 year-old boy who, while clinging to life and to a tree, was swept into the water and drowned. His last words were: "Save my brother," as the rescuers arrived. The 10 year old brother was saved, but the rescuers were unable to get to their mother in time. Prayers to those who are struggling and trying to put their lives back together.

PaintedPromise said...

i couldn't even read or watch about that boy Karen talks about, i tried but i just couldn't do it. someone on my horse forum posted a video about a horse up to its ears in water and the folks who got it out... the amount of water is just mind-boggling... prayers for all of you!!!!!