Friday, January 14, 2011


Oooh. Mrs. Spit talked about a book that she is reading: 1000 Awesome Things. Isn't that the coolest idea? I found myself looking around for the first thing on my list of 1000 Awesome Things. And here is the first thing on my list. I love when you open a book that you find yourself easing into, like a warm bath, and you find yourself sinking into the pages and immersing yourself in the story, and your day is empty, and you know that you can soak there as long as you wish. That's my first joy for my list of 1000 Awesome Things. (And this gift was made possible through the generosity of Pam. Thanks for that, Pam!)

What is on your 'awesome list'?


Bill of Wasilla said...

One day, I expect to sink into such a book. Written by one named Debby.

A Novel Woman said...

Yay! It arrived! Enjoy. Diana is an awesome storyteller, but don't blame me if you can't put it down.

Jayne said...

Sounds like a well-deserved relaxing read :)

BUSH BABE said...

Meeting you one day!

PaintedPromise said...

i'll go one better BB - HAVING MET YOU, DEBBY!!!!!