Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I worked on a couple of homework assignments. Anatomy and Physiology I was such a mindbender for me that I really, really was dreading Anatomy and Physiology II. I cannot tell you how much I feared this class. But I have to tell you that so far (and I know that it is early), I'm understanding the material. Our lab teacher quizzes us each and every week, and I like that. I know whether I'm absorbing the material. If I'm not, I have an opportunity to get myself back on track quickly. Our lecture teacher has a test coming up this Thursday, but she does no preliminary quizzes. I never thought that I'd see the day when I was hoping for quizzes.

Slow and steady wins the race, I keep telling myself, and each day, I plug along, trying to keep myself organized. That's the worst part, especially for the OT classes. Because everything is in two rooms, because we have pretty much just the two teachers, because we are talking about OT in all of them and in some cases refer to the same textbooks, I find it very easy to confuse the classes. It's sorting out though, and I am becoming more organized. (Dylan, my son? One of my 1000 Awesome Things is my three hole punch. Thank you for that. It's made my life much easier!)

I ran into a woman I met last summer in another class. Ellen had to drop out due to family obligations. She takes care of her parents and her father was terminally ill. She works part time at the college, now, and she loves it. We talked about that, about being older. It seems to me that the young kids all have such confidence and vivacity and sparkle to them. I don't think that I have that. I think that I can get better in that arena, but I'm not there. I fret. "I feel like I have bits and pieces of what I need to know, but I don't know how to put them together." She allowed as how she had the same uncertainties. But in talking, we both decided that we had to have confidence in what is a very successful program that has to turn down applicants. We have to have confidence that our very enthusiastic teachers know what they are doing. We have to relax, and enjoy this journey we are on, and simply trust that we will learn what we need to know. Our own confidence will come. I walked away feeling...dare I say it?...just a bit more confident. There's another awesome thing.

I ordered a set of goniometers, and they arrived today. That was another awesome thing. The fact that I know how to use these simple tools makes me feel like I'm on my way, even though any person with half a brain could figure it out, I am sure.

I got a column written and in to the editor. The deadline is Wednesday, and I cut this one close. I threw it together in an hour, but it's a nice column about a 42 year friendship. I wrote it for my friend Mary's birthday, and as I wrote it, I realized that friendship is an awesome thing too. Mary's pretty awesome too.

I'm having a baby shower for Brianna on Saturday. I want it to be nice for her, and so I'm fretting just a bit about that too. If it is a success, I will add it to my 1000 Awesome Things list.


Kelly said...

Okay...I had to look that one up. Goniometer. Makes perfect sense for you now that I know what it is!

Pencil Writer said...

Ok. I had to look up "goniometers". What cool tools with so many applications--according to Wikipedia. Thanks, Debby, for giving me something new to learn today. And so glad things are coming together for you. Logic is always cool when you "get it"! Yea on you!

jeanie said...

I want a goniometer - it looks awesome (and it is such an evocative word)

Have a wonderful baby shower!!!