Friday, December 3, 2010

E-Day, the day after D-Day

Yesterday, I went to class. It was D-Day. We handed in those assignments one right after another until the only thing left was our presentations.

Each group was supposed to do three presentations. There were two of us. So I said to Procrastination Girl, "Who's doing the final presentation?" She looked at me in her passively helpful way and said, "Really, it doesn't matter to me. I can do it." I knew full well that she did not want to, not really, because she's nervous about speaking before groups, but I'd asked her straight out. She did what she has done from the start of this project. Offer to help, and then not follow through. I'd written the whole report. She'd corrected some equipment names but hadn't even bothered to respond to the final e-mail with the finished report. She made a poster. As she sat there looking wide eyed and anxious, waiting for me to take the final presentation, I just thought, "No." So I looked at her and said, "Well, if you really don't mind, it would be a relief if you took the third presentation. Thanks. I appreciate it." And I went back to my desk and sat down.

I suppose that it was not fair. I'd been supportive and nurturing and encouraging right along, and to suddenly change gears so to speak, to not be affected by her helpless anxiety wasn't fair. Still, when it came time for presentations, I heard my name being called by the teacher. I looked over. The teacher asked, "Are you presenting twice?" I said, "Well, I was under the impression that Rachel was doing two..." and the teacher said, "That was supposed to have been decided..." and I thought things that I could not say. Rachel stood there with an anxious expression on her face as the teacher made the decision in my moment of speechlessness. "Debby, you're presenting twice then."


But it's done.

And it feels good to be done.

One more week of class.


RedWifey said...

That's ridonculous! Thank heavens it's over!!!

Hal Johnson said...

Ouch. Hang in there for that one week.

Also, I'm really sorry about your upcoming birthday. :-)

nancyspoint said...

Debby, That teacher's decision sounds downright unfair. At least it's over and only one more week of class to go. You need a break. What degree are you working on anyway? I'm impressed you are taking classes with those youngsters!

Kelly said...

Well, at least it's over.

One more week!

Jayne said...

The teacher chose the person who would give the better presentation and earn the most marks for the group. She's obviously aware of the other girl's short-comings and knew you were strong enough (and on top of the subject enough) to pull 2 presentations off.
Thank goodness it's over for you, though!

Debby said...

Oh, gosh, I really think that the teacher was simply trying to end the impasse as quickly and efficiently as possible. It had been a long day and we were among the last of the presentations. She had to listen to us, and grade us, and she was probably just as ready for this day to be over as we were. And actually, the first presentation is the hard one. After that, it's all downhill.

Bob said...

Oh my . . . . well at least the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.