Friday, December 10, 2010

This and That.

Got another test knocked out today. I think that I did okay.

We're bracing for another storm to hit beginning Saturday night. Oy. I'm about tired of winter.

A young couple came in tonight, she very, very pregnant. "When's the baby due?" I asked, and they said, the 19th. They live far out in the jing weeds. I said, "Wow. I'll bet you're keeping a close eye on the weather..." The man explained that they had a good four wheel drive, and that he'd also finished his emergency responder's class. "If I have to, I can deliver that baby myself!" he said. His wife said, "Um. No." They headed out the door laughing. "Bring the baby in sometime," I said, and they said that they would.

Today a woman came in and bought a bunch of gift cards. I commented that somebody was going to be happy at Christmas. She said, "Our farm got hit by the tornadoes last summer. People came from all over to help. We're remembering them this Christmas." And she got that emotional look that people get when they've come through a hard time and discovered how great people are.

A little girl came in with her Grandpa. They did some Christmas shopping for Grandma. The little girl made everyone in line laugh, when she announced, "Last year my grandpa bought jewelry for my grandma, a necklace and some earrings and SHE NEVER EVEN WORE THEM ONCE!" And she got a very disapproving look on her little face. "This year I picked the necklace out, that's how I know she'll wear it."

That's today. Headed to bed. Morning comes early.


WhiteStone said...

When my daughter was small she picked out a set of colored plastic measuring spoons...the ones where each spoon was a different color. I loved those spoons!

Jayne said...

I have learnt many things from reading your blog, Debby.
Today is no different.
I have learnt I am not evolved enough to cope with snow.
I'll let you do that.
As you were.

Bob said...

Smart grandpa to take granddaughter with him to shop for grandma. Wife not-so-subtly suggested to my daughter that she accompany me so she will not receive any household items.

Mikey said...

I love your Tractor Supply stories :) Hey I'm hanging with Susan and her 4 legged critters tonight. Wish you were here!!

Kelly said...

Um...I don't think Winter officially begins for over a week!

*ducking, since you probably want to slug me for that comment*

Seriously...I can't believe you're getting all this snow!!

A Novel Woman said...

I hear you on the snow. More to come tomorrow. ARG.

And I love that little girl's story. So sweet. They speak from the heart, don't they?

jeanie said...

I am with Jayne - we are having enough troubles over here with the never-frozen variety (as opposed to our gripes a few years ago, troubles with the lack thereof).

Love the little girl story!

Anonymous said...

I was in TSC today here, everybody was smiling, guess the Christmas spirit is spreading!