Friday, December 31, 2010


One of our neighbors stopped by the store.

"Hey, Steve!" I called out. He said, "Are you and Tim all set for 2011?" I laughed. "2010 did not ask for permission, and you know, I don't get a notion that 2011 is going to ask for permission either. It's just going to barge in and set up whether I'm ready or not."

It's very difficult for me to look forward without looking back. I am glad for where I'm at, and how far I've come. I helped an elderly man out the door and loaded up his chicken feed for him. His wife said, "Oh, this is embarrassing for him, but he's just had a pacemaker put in, and I am not going to let him lift because the doctor told him not to." And he grumbled. He did not like standing there while a woman loaded his chicken feed. At 83, though, I told him, I thought that he deserved a break. "I feel great," he grumbled. "I feel like I could be lifting chicken feed." And I grinned at him. "You listen to me," I said. "I'm throwing this chicken feed around like it's nobody's business, and two years ago, I couldn't have done that either." I waggled my finger at him. "You just mind the doctor and your wife. It'll make your life a lot easier." He was curious, and so was his wife. "Why couldn't you lift chicken feed?" and I said, "I had cancer. I had to take it easy for a few months, and I did. Cancer was a season. Now that season is finished." We talked about faith. We talked about hard times. We talked about getting over it. I said, "Now, I'm loading your truck and feeling grateful to God that I can. So let me." And they did.

That's how it is, isn't it? We all move in and out through the different seasons of our lives, and we help each other as we are able. Once again, I think how cleverly designed this world is, that our stories are completed by the stories of others, that our stories complete their stories. Those stories? They're meant to be told.

Happy New Year, everyone!


BUSH BABE said...

Happy New Year Deb!!!
2011 looks fine so far... actually I lie, it's quite overcast. *wags finger at 2011*

Bill of Wasilla said...

And you will be a teller of them.

steviewren said...

Thanks for telling another good story. Happy New Year!

Paula said...

Happy New Year and I'm happy to read you are doing well after your bout with cancer.

WhiteStone said...

In spite of its ups and downs, 2010 has been a good year at our house. Wishing you and all your family a most blessed and Happy New Year!

Mikey said...

You are the best Debbie. I love your stories, this one in particular. If you don't put these in a book, I seriously will have to come out there and persuade you in person. You've just GOT TO compile these!! Happy New Year!

Debby said...

I don't know, Bill. You tell your story pretty well. Mikey does. WhiteStone and Bush Babe, too, and Stevie, and Paula and on and on my list goes. Our stories are our own, and an honest telling of our own stories is the greatest thing that we can give this world, because our own stories are designed to fit into the stories of others.

Kelly said...

Ups and downs, yes...but overall it's been a good year. I expect nothing less from 2011.

Hope you've had a good day, Debby! When do you go back to school?

Pencil Writer said...

I, too, love your stories, Debby! I can SOOOO relate to the gentleman (though he IS a gentleman AND 83) about not supposed to be lifting heavy stuff because of a recent pacemaker. Mine's been ticking along for almost 3 months now, and with the little grandson (and siblings) living here, I gave up on NOT hefting him when it was essential for his safety or emotional well-being. The Lord is good (duh) and I'm still trucking. Keep up the good works and great, real-life, heart-warming stories. And Yeah. Get the book going . . . in your spare time! Happy New Year to you and all your family and loved ones.