Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day

It's been raining here for the last two days. Raining hard, too. This morning, that rain has turned to snow, and it is coming down hard. I went out and swept the snow off the car and started it, early too, allowing myself extra time for the inclimate weather.

Heading out, the slush on the roads was bad and things were slick. When I got to the road that takes me off the hill, one look told me, "Yeah. Not today."

I turned around and headed back. Although I could have taken another route off the hill, the detour would have taken extra time. It was late enough that I'd probably have been quite late for that 50 minute class. I sent an e-mail to the teacher explaining what had happened. Probably for the best. I've got a lot of stuff I can be doing in this house. Let me get up from this computer and do it.


Anonymous said...

I only have a few miles drive to work and no hill to get down (or up). I don't like to drive in snow. I'd much rather just watch it fall from the comfort of my home! Have a good snow day, Debby!

steviewren said...

Enjoy your snow day. You probably need a nice cozy day at home.

Kelly said...

Good thing you didn't try to negotiate the hill. Just look what happened to your yard!

jeanie said...

Sounds like someone upstairs saw your last post and thought "that girl needs to slow down for a day.... hmmm, what to do, what to do"

Enjoy the snow - and the unexpected blessings that it brings.

Jayne said...

What Jeanie said, take it easy and smell the roses (but not the slushy snow).