Thursday, December 16, 2010

I worked today, and I made it by the skin of my teeth. I'd managed to get stuck in the driveway, at the end, where the snow plow leaves that 'hump' of snow. I dashed back to grab the snow shovel, and dug my tires out. I tossed the shovel under the pine tree, hopped in the car, and "rocked it" out. I backed up, got a new start, and made it out of the driveway. I ran to the store, and Jeremy was waiting, a little anxiously. It was just him and me for the morning. We had two people out sick. If I would not have showed, he'd have been on his own and that would have been a nightmare. I burst through the front doors. "Sorry, sorry, sorry! I got stuck and had to dig myself out." "No, you're here, we're good," and I kept on running past him to punch in and grab my vest.

The customers were great though. A woman asked me where our rain gear was, and I directed her. "See that umbrella back there?" and she turned to me with the biggest smile on her face. "Yes," she said. "Yes, I can and last month, I couldn't have seen it." After being told that nothing could be done for her vision, she headed down south for a second opinion. It was worth the trip, because now she can see.

I was waiting on another customer, and she commented about how busy it was. "It is, but you know what? People are awfully patient. This is a good place to work, and I even am enjoying the Christmas rush." The man behind her looked at me. "That's because you're dealing with farmers," he said. "Not everyone who walks in the door is a farmer, but you get a lot of 'em."
I smiled. "You're right. I've always said that the people that I deal with every day are the salt of the earth, and it makes all the difference in the world." It does, too.

Remember Mr. M? He popped into the store today. "I really liked your last article," he said. "It reminded me of my dad." He then went on to tell me that every hunting season, he still wears his dad's hunting vest, a way to keep his dad close when he hunts. I looked at him, white headed, a beard that would make Santa jealous. It's like that, I guess. You hold those you love in your heart, and they are there for always. I'm not sure how long Mr. M's father is gone, but he's an old fellow himself, so I'm assuming quite some time, yet still, he honors him. I got a lot of feedback about that article. It was about men, and sons, and hunting, and the circle of life. Men were reminded of their own fathers, and the remembering made them glad. I'm glad to know that I live among such good people.

There was a woman in the store today, and she hollered at her child from the moment she walked in the door until the moment she left. Not abusive. She just yelled. He didn't listen. She got louder. He didn't listen any better. It was so awful that when she got in line, customers just stepped back and let her go first. She smiled at me, and continued calling her boy, who continued to ignore his mother. I wondered that she didn't simply stop yelling and go back and pick him up. He was no older than three. If she can't control him now, she's going to have her hands full when the child is 10. She finally left, still yelling at her kid (who was still ignoring her...)

I saw Mr. L. and he was buying some hardware. I suggest that he might want to consider a different Christmas present for his wife, Debbie. He said, "Nope. Debbie would rather go to a hardware store than a department store any day. When she proposed to me, I snapped her right up for that very reason!" I laughed. His wife did propose to him. She'd told me that herself, and it made me laugh when she related the story. He said, "I was just glad that she didn't want me to change my name." They are the nicest, most ordinary people you ever want to meet despite the fact that they live in a mansion that looks like an old victorian style mansion, however it is so state of the art that the windows close themselves when it begins to rain. It's got a library that is three stories high or some such thing. But the two of them act like anybody else.

I got my grades. 3 As and 1 B, and much to my surprise, a C. But it's okay. I had that one coming, I suppose. I'd run out of steam, and I simply didn't study for the final, at least no nearly as hard as I should have. I knew that, going in there, but darn. I thought I knew my topic a little better than that. But I passed. That's good enough. It's been a stressful semester with a lot of stuff going on.


Bill of Wasilla said...

I've always wondered about that phrase, "skin of teeth." What is this skin? How come I don't have it on my teeth?

Around here, we call those humps, "berms."

Back in the day, I got a few "c's" myself.

It never bothered me much.

I will have to go back and review that post. It seems to be one that I missed - perhaps because I had not yet found you then.

Keep studying.

Kelly said...

Well done on the grades, Debby. The C is offset by an A, so it's still a wonderful GPA.

Thinking about the woman yelling at her child.... The grandmother who was my assitant GS leader taught preschool for many years. She had the softest voice and said that was one of the tricks to getting the children to listen. Speak softly and they give you their attention to hear what you've said!

WhiteStone said...

My dad was born in 1899. He lived to be 85. I still have one of his old carbon-copy checkbooks. I've kept it all these years because it has a carbon of his signature. *sweet loving smile*

Paula said...

Nothing like the type people who shop at Tractor Supply. Reminds me I need to go up the street and across the highway to buy some birdfeed. If you have time sometime visit me at pl78064, paulinescountrytales

Bob said...

Absolutely those grades are plenty good enough. Congrats. Enjoy the break.

Jayne said...

C's get diplomas, too ;)
Well done on the grades and I hope you're having a good brain bludge right now.

Lydia said...

So glad that you got your grades back and they were good! Even more glad that you aren't beating yourself up over a C. Seems to me that is about as big an accomplishment as getting through the semester!

steviewren said...

Love the story of the old fellow who still wears his Dad's shirt to go hunting. It's sweet to think of honoring someone you love like that.