Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, yesterday, I was cleaning the house, ripping stuff apart, rearranging furniture and dusting big time. I heard a crashing out front of the house, and I thought 'Oh, good, the snowplow's going through.' But I didn't hear the rest of the rumbling that one expects to hear when the snow plow goes by. So I stopped what I was doing and looked out the window to see a Suburu stationwagon driving through our yard. He'd lost control on the road, and tore through the stones around the garden that surrounds two large oaks, missing those oaks by no more than a foot. He'd shot past the trees and out the other side of the garden. Shaken, he drove to the driveway and stopped, getting out to survey the damage.

I put on some boots and headed out. "Are you okay?" I asked.

He looked shocked. "Yes. I thought I was going to hit those trees head on. Scared myself." He looked at the yard. "I never expected that the plow would not have gone through yet."

"Yeah, I know, I started off for school, but the roads were bad enough that I simply turned around and came back home. That was more than two hours ago, and it's still snowing. Is your car okay?"

He looked under his it. "I can't believe that I didn't tear something up. I figured I'd be losing all kinds of fluids after plowing through those rocks. It seems alright, though. I really can't believe that after all that, I'm still going out hunting." He looked around and said, "Hey, I'll be back in the spring to fix those rocks back the way they were."

"Nah. Don't worry about it. I can set my own rocks back. I'm glad that you're okay."

He said, "Well, I guess I'll go hunting then. Maybe I'd better slow it down."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." We waved and I headed back for the house as he headed back to his car.

That's life in the boonies.

The road still is not cleared off.


Jayne said...

Thank goodness he was alright!
Someone watching over his shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness he was OK.
When I think of how nice it would be if it snowed here, this was something I hadn't thought about. Maybe it's a good thing it doesn't snow here....

WhiteStone said...

Wow! Glad things turned out okay.

Twain12 said...

glad everything turned out OK

Anonymous said...

I noticed a comment on your blog from yesterday in which someone mentioned something about your yard. Now I know what they meant! You made a wise choice not going down your hill that day. I'm glad that your visitor is OK. I hope that your road has been plowed, although it looks like it snowed more overnight.

Hal Johnson said...

Geez. I hope the guy was equipped for an overnight in the woods.

Bob said...

Can't imagine . . . we're only a few days out from running the AC in these parts!