Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

I worked Christmas eve, and it was a long day. Busy, just like it has been. A tiny little red haired girl pushed a guinea pig toy up on the counter. I said to her, "So are you going to wrap this and give it to your guinea pig for Christmas?" She solemnly nodded. Then she said, "Mommy said we gave our dog the best Christmas present we could give her," and I cheerfully said, "So what did the dog get?" and her little lip quivered and she said, "She's not suffering no more. We had her put to sleep." Dear God. One more dead dog story is going to push me right over the edge, I swear. As Hal and Bob would say, "Darn sinuses!"

It's been a nice Christmas day, a quiet one. Presents and kids, and quiet times doing puzzles and laughing together. We watched a couple videos. I'll write more later. Right now, I'm headed for bed. Dylan heads back home tomorrow, and we have another party tomorrow evening.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Kelly said...

Dadgum it, Debby. You did it to me again!! No more dead dog stories! Please!

Glad you enjoyed your day. It was quiet here after all the excitement last night.

Mikey said...

Awww! Poor kid, poor you, you walked unknowingly into that one. I've done almost the exact same thing, so I know.. lol. oh dear.
Glad you had a very Merry Christmas :)

Jayne said...

Good lord, what is it with Xmas and dead dogs....?
Glad to hear you had a Merry one, Debby, Boxing Day is relaxing and quiet...pop over to Oz and try it some time ;)

Brianna said...

How about a dog story with a happy ending? I had to work on Christmas Eve too, and I was talking with the manager of the Tire Lube Express while I was on lunch. She showed me some pics of a dog she had taken with her cell phone and she told me this story...
Apparently this dog has been running around a field all summer. Half starved, broken tail, but just the friendliest little guy you could ever hope to meet. He came wandering into the shop that day, and they all bribed him with food, water, and toys to get him to stay in there. Everyone took a few pics of him, and sent those pics to everyone in their contacts list with this message: Let's find this guy a home for Christmas. Send this on to everyone you know if you can't take him.
Well, long story short, one of the TLE employees was planning on getting his kids a puppy from the Humane Society as a Christmas present. They were going to go on his day off this week. He wound up taking Wally home with him instead.
So ends the story of how Wally the Walmart Dog got a new home for Christmas! :)

Debby said...

There. Thanks, Brianna. I do feel better now. Unless Wally died on the way to his new home. He didn't, right?

Brianna said...

He didn't, don't worry! We found out today that he is loving his new home and family!

quid said...

Debby -

Enjoy your quiet time with family. Brianna's story cheered us all up!


BUSH BABE said...

So sorry I am late with my Christmas wishes - it has been crazy this end and I haven't been into anyone's blogs at all. Even mine.

We had two animals severely ill with a bovine flu called three-day sickness (if they survive three days they have a chance of getting up ahain). As we left home for Christmas at the coast I felt physically ill - it was so hard to drive away and leave our neighbours to take care of them for us. I was totally prepared for a dead bull and a dead heifer when we returned home. Amazingly both survived and are now walking around like nothing happened. THat's our Christmas miracle.

Massive hugs to you and yours... hoping your weather is not as extreme as ours.


PaintedPromise said...

yay for Wally!!