Monday, November 8, 2010

The Sky's the Limit

Essay comes from a French word that means 'to try'. This particular essay that I am writing now is trying.

It's an argument, and I hate arguing.

It's on a topic that I have no interest in.

I'm heartily sick of citing references, even using

I've decided that I hate writing.

So today, you get pictures. I've been preoccupied with the sky lately.

This is the view from Cara's sixth floor dorm room. What a view to wake up to every morning!
A pity it's wasted on Cara. Like her mother, she is definately not a morning person. A recent facebook entry read "Oh, my dear bed. I never should have left you. I now realize the error of my ways." Sadly, I too, have had similar epiphanies.

This is a sunset sky downtown.

Winter sky.
On the way home from school earlier in the fall.
I'd write more, but I must motivate.
I lied.
I'm not going to write more, and it's because I don't wanna.
Did I mention that essay?


Mikey said...

I'm forever amazed by the color up there. So green and now red and yellow creeping in. Gorgeous. I need to see more green trees in my life.

Kelly said...

What gorgeous photos!!

Hang in there. It's almost Thanksgiving!

WhiteStone said...

Don't we live in a beautiful country?? Or should I say, World!

P.S. I'm baking your gramma's fruitcake this week. I hope you're making some yourself.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I say - write. Take pictures. Love and hate both. Forget the damned references.

Debby said...

Oh, Bill. If only you were my teacher.

nancypoint said...

Debby, I think you need a break from all the school work, so good thing the holidays are soon approaching. I guess that brings more work, but at least a different kind. The sky pictures are lovely. Nature is always a good retreat, even if only in a photo.

Jayne said...

Those photos are lovely, particularly that sunset one.
Have a break, give yourself at least a few hours away from study xxx