Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was so tired this morning. I got myself to school. I had to drive the Mustang. It made me nervous because it's been a while since I drove a standard. I forgot a book. I have a test tomorrow. I'm feeling harried and worried. I was headed to the registrar's office, and I saw my friend in her office, talking. I smiled, but kept on going. She looked busy. I didn't want to interrupt.

Behind me, I heard "Debby!" and I stopped and turned around. Rachel told me how much she enjoys reading my blog, and that she's got another woman in her office following my merry adventures. "Thanks," I said. "How's it going?" she asked. And I told her, honestly, that I was feeling nervous and tired and worried and harried, as if I was barely keeping up, and she said, "Well, all students feel like that at this point. Everyone feels the pressure." She smiled her very nice smile in a very reassuring way, and pointed out that there were just a couple more weeks of class, not counting Thanksgiving break, and finals week.

I went on my way, but this time, instead of walking along in my own little 'Joe Btfsplk' world (L'il Abner was a great cartoon, wasn't it?), this time, I walked looking around me, at other students. Rachel was right. Little snippets of conversation, worried expressions, no computers open in the library or the computer lab...yep. Everyone is feeling the pressure. It is not just me.

I got that horrible essay that had me ripping my hair out. I got an A. I have the final exam essay to write, and then that class is done. It's not that the class is awful. Or hard. It's just so much writing.


BUSH BABE said...

Ah yes... marvellous how those standing on the outside can so easily see the general malaise, whereas we each feel so alone in our situations.

Congrats on the A. The finish line is in sight.

quid said...

It helps when you realize that others feel the same way as you do...the same pressures of the day. Go get em!


WhiteStone said...

Driving a stick's a matter of pretending you're male, 16, and trying to impress the girls walking down the street. But being female, and lacking in testosterone, you may have to substitute one of those high caffeine drinks. lol

(I bet this fits right up there at the top with your list of most "useful" comments.)

Debby said...

I actually don't mind a standard. My first car was a standard shift Kharman Ghia. But that was loooooooooong ago. 35 years? How is that possible. In any case, I figured it out, but it was much different, and I was nervous. And, of course, the lack of testosterone coupled with absolutely no desire to impress the girls probably made it that much worse.

The finish line is in sight? BB? It's a Mustang, but I don't race it. Gads, woman. I already pointed it out to WhiteStone. I have no testosterone, and no desire to impress the girls.

Quid? Yeah. Okay. I'm on that. *yawn* Takes another sip of coffee, and goes back to studying for her test.

A Novel Woman said...

Whenever I freaked out over school and turned myself inside out with anxiety, my mum used to say "you're all in the same boat, you know" which made me feel better somehow.

Everyone has the same anxiety.

However, YOU are pulling A's. Way to go.

Kelly said...

I think driving a standard is kinda like riding a bike. It comes back to you.

Congrats on that A!! It never surprises me when you do well. :)

And be glad for the extra couple of weeks to get your work done. My daughter is now at a school on a quarter system (working on her Masters) and her first quarter ends this week! She's really had to adjust to the shorter amount of time to get everything done!

R Phillips said...

You inspire me Debby and I'm so honored to be mentioned in your blog. It's fun keeping up on your classes and I'll be proud to say, "I knew her when..." I really think you could be writing for a major newspaper someday. :) But whether it's OT...homeless kids...people's garages you like...regulars at CT...whatever you do, you'll leave your mark and add a blessing to people's days.