Tuesday, November 9, 2010

People in the World

It's been a long stretch. I'm still working on that essay. I should finish it this afternoon. I've got the next three days off work, and I need them. I'm working on another school presentation. I'm tired all the time, but I keep telling myself that it is coming down to the final stretch. After Thanksgiving break, the semester will be nearly over. Today, we will be meeting our advisor for Spring 2011 placement. Seems impossible.

You know what I love? I had a customer who had two sacks of feed and a myriad of small things. I rang up his purchase, he paid, he left. He came back in with his receipt, and a package of chainsaw files. He came up to me with a shamefaced look, and said, "This fell inside the cart. You didn't see them. I forgot I had them." I love that there are people in the world like that.

Know what else I love? I got two packages in the mail yesterday, both from Australia. I got BB's calendar. She included post cards, including one of my favorite pictures. I also got a book from Ro (aka Jayne), who describes herself as the mad cow. (Heh. I've got your address now, Ro.) Thank you both very much. It was a treat to open those packages. I love that there are people in the world like you.

Well, let me get this day under way.

Late edit: Is there anyone else in this world who forgets to start the dryer after switching loads? I would really feel much better to find out there are people like that in the world. Jayne? Now is not the time to tell me about how you handwash your clothing. Really. Remember that I have your address now.


steviewren said...

I remember how you feel...counting the days down until the end of the endless projects, papers and tests and the semester.

That is also what I loved about school. You get to start over twice a year. For the first year I was in college we were on the quarter system...which is the best of all...4 start overs a year. Just the time I would decide I hated a class...it was over. Wonderful system...why can't the rest of life be more like that?

Mrs.Spit said...

All the time. Sometimes I do it with the washer too.

In fact, I bet that's where my last set of sheets are right now.

Bill of Wasilla said...

Here's what I think you should do with your essay - make a photo essay out of it. This will greatly surprise your teacher. She will be overwhelmed by your creativity. She will give you and A+* and a Dixie Cup.

Lydia said...

Ha! Bill, you are too funny!

Debby, glad you got some good surprises -- what a blessing to have friends all over the world.

Good luck on the essays -- and YES I forget to start the dryer on a regular basis and it really chaps my hide when I do that -- I'm glad I am not alone.

Kelly said...

My calendar arrived yesterday, too. :)

Yep...I've forgotten to turn on the dryer plenty of times.

Jayne said...

What's that? :P

PaintedPromise said...

yeah, that dryer thing - raising my hand here :(