Friday, November 12, 2010

New Thought

Thursdays are my 'long days' at school. Class starts at 9. My last class finishes at 3:50. Yesterday, by the end of the day, I was dragging. In fact the instructor for our lively English Comp class had us watch a video, Blackadder, about WWI soldiers. Embarrassingly, I found myself nodding off during it, even though it was a good video.

I seem to be losing steam, and that bothers me. It's a struggle to keep up. It's not just me, I know that. Yesterday, walking out of English, trying to rouse myself for the drive home, Vanessa and I talked. She's doing well in class, but she's struggling too. She said, "Do you ever find yourself looking around the class and wondering who will not be coming back at the end of the semester?"

I hadn't. I know that some people are struggling, but I didn't realize that any of us were struggling to that degree. It made me feel a little babyish, to be disappointed with an 86 on that midterm, to be fighting my own perfectionism with every paper I turn in. There are people struggling with worse grades, and yet they keep on trying. They show up to class every day and they keep on working away at it. They will go down trying. That's real heart, there.

I am hopeful that Vanessa is wrong. We have an awfully nice class. I'd hate to lose any of them.


A Novel Woman said...

You may be losing steam because of the time change and the shorter days. I always find it difficult to be energetic this time of year.

Try more chocolate. That's my standard remedy.

Bill of Wasilla said...

Not even going to school. Losing steam, too.

Yes, Novel Woman is right, although I would consider your days and her days at this time of year to be long and full of light. Next week, I get to see the sun rise, set about half an hour later and then disappear for 62 days.

But of course, I travel a lot, crossing latitudes, so I will not personally go 62 days without a glimpse of the sun.

WhiteStone said...

Remember that your goal is to graduate and find a good job. Your goal is NOT perfect "A"s on your report card. Yes, good grades are good to have. But not at the risk of your sanity.

Obviously, you want to do well. But all things considered, including past grades, you ARE doing "well".

Jayne said...

Yes, they'll be changes but think of the new faces and friends you have the chance to meet next term.

BUSH BABE said...

It's exhausting, studying. It's easy to forget that fact... new things all the time for the brain. Wonderful but exhausting. Perhaps you need a little brain sugar hit - something fluffy and silly to lighten the mind a little. (A sappy book, or silly movie or a Rowan Atkinson DVD!)

Hang tight - you'll get there!

Lori said...

Hopefully everything will come out on the other side.
(I used to watch Blackadder on PBS)