Friday, November 19, 2010

For Emma, for her mother, and for Mrs. Spit, too.

Mrs. Spit is a very wise woman who has suffered great loss in her life, but somehow has managed to come through these times with her faith intact. She lost her own child through pre-eclampsia, her little boy Gabriel. Now she is reliving that horror long distance. Her niece is giving birth to her little girl Emma. Emma is 7 weeks early. Please pray for Emma. For her mother, and for the grief that has, once again, torn open the heart of my dear friend, Mrs. Spit.


Kelly said...

I will pray.

On a positive note, my niece's daughter was born at 32 weeks and is now a healthy 10 year old and her son was born at 30 weeks and he is a healthy almost two year old.

Jayne said...

Sending hopeful wishes and blessings xxxxx

BUSH BABE said...

Prayers that this one comes through!
And hugs to Mrs Spit too.

Lydia said...

Prayers with you and all of yours, Mrs. Spit. I want to say something profound about God, but I can only say that I trust Him. Blessings.