Friday, November 19, 2010

A Face in The Crowd

I've been very busy with this project and that project, but today I took the time to drop some ribbons off at the Cancer Center, to decorate a Christmas tree. I donated teal ribbons in honor of WhiteStone and Linda (ovarian cancer). I donated pink ribbons in honor of Mary, and Bev, and Barb aka 'Anonymous' and Leslie and her mother, too. (breast cancer). I donated white ribbon in memory of my father (lung cancer). When I walked into the room, everyone was happy to see me, but I could not stay. I had homework. Looking around, I saw that there were new faces. It struck me again. My. There are such a lot of us.


Anonymous said...

First Deb, thankyou for the ribbon, a lovely thought. I'd also like to dedicate it to you and all our other sisters if I may share it, since I'm not there to add one. I feel honoured.
Love Barb

BUSH BABE said...

Way, waayyy too many. But I guess that's better in some ways than LESS of you gathering there, no?
BB aka Anonymous' Daughter

Bob said...

A small gesture but a very kind and far-reaching one. Thank you.

I've had to catch up here -- you've been quite busy but that's nothing new. I hope you get a chance to catch you breath with the TG holiday next week.

Kelly said...

I don't guess I knew there were specific color ribbons for specific cancers.