Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day Dreams

A couple days back, over at BB's, I left a comment about a picture of her cow, Bay Lulic and the little calf that she'd fostered. What a strange world the internet is, that I should know the name of a cow in Australia. But BB commented back: "I think I would trust you on a tractor… and I don’t think its the SLIGHTEST bit odd that you know the name of our cow. We share a set of drinking glasses, don’t we??"
We do.
These ones. I saw them in an antique store in Allentown, when I went to visit Dylan after chemo. Due to a unfortunate flare up of practicality, I hadn't bought them. By the time I was driving home, I was regretting that decision. At the beginning of the whole cancer thing, I had said, "One day, after this whole cancer crap is done, I'm coming over there to raise a glass with the women of Granite Glen." And bless their hearts, they all thought that was a great idea. When I saw those glasses in the display case, I'd automatically pictured us raising those glasses.
The story didn't end there. Cara was so outraged that she went to Allentown to spend the weekend with Dylan and track those glasses down. She did, and she brought them home.
While Cara was home for Thanksgiving, she looked through BB's Calendar. She said, "When are you guys going to Australia?" and I said, "May or June of 2012, I guess. After I graduate. Depends on the timing of the certification exam." Cara said, "Don't wait. Go now. It would be terrible if you couldn't go for some reason." She was careful. She didn't say it.
You know, I consider myself a pretty lucky person, and I am enjoying school and work and life in general. Australia waits, like some far off dream, and it is fun to think on it, make plans. I look at pictures, read stories with my chin in my hand and a smile on my face and imagine what it will be like. In fact, Thursday night, the kids got on orbitz, and we priced tickets, talking about it. It was fun to day dream, to talk about renting a car and driving around.
I guess that's the difference between the young and the old. "Go," they urged. "Go right now." I expect to get there one day, but I'm content to bide my time, making pleasant plans, dreaming dreams. It will unfold as it is meant to unfold. Those wine glasses wait too. They've been sitting on a shelf in a unused bedroom. Sometimes I go in and look at them, dust them off, hold them gently, look at them and daydream some more. Just the idea that half a world away, someone else thinks on them, and daydreams too, well, that means more to me than I can say.


Bob said...

That's great that you have something like that to look forward to and I look forward to reading your blog when you get back. I'm confident it will happen. In the meantime, if I make it to PA to visit before you make it to Australia, do we get to use those glasses or should I bring my own????? ;-)

Kelly said...

Surely you'll break out the glasses for a visit from Bob!! (sorry, Bob...I'll probably just hand you a can of beer next time you come here, but then we might be in a fishing boat)

I also have confidence that you'll make the trip. I know BB prefers being behind the camera, but I'll expect some photos of the two of you together!!

Kelly said...

...and the really are beautiful glasses!!

Mikey said...

Go! Listen to your children (slap me for saying that later)
It would really be the best blog post EVER!!!

BUSH BABE said...

Funny how dreams become reality with just a LITTLE effort (and some pushing from those who know us best)... I just hope we live up to your daydreaming!!! (WHEN not IF we see you...)

BB (and the women of Granite Glen)

Jayne said...

Pack your bags.
I'll walk to Qld just to say hi :P

Debby said...

Oh, no, Jayne. No need to talk. We're planning to rent a car, and to drive. You're one of the peoples on my list.

Bob? Fraid not. These glasses are a symbol of something. However, if you get to PA (or who knows, I might get to Nashville one day - I have a friend whose son lives there. He runs a rock climbing wall in the big city, a very inspirational boy, that one,) but if you get to Pennsylvania, there will be wine and it will memorable. This I promise both you and Susan.

Bob said...

Absolutely, Debby, and of course I love this story of the glasses and how special they are.

I thought of you in church this morning, the first Sunday in Advent. Our pastor put a little bit of a different twist on the first week and said we would call the first Sunday "Wait" because that is what God the Father asked mankind to do before He sent His son, and all the stories leading up to the birth of Christ involve waiting. He said part of waiting is anticipation and that it is in fact a gift, one that we often miss in this age of instant gratification.

And I thought of you, joyfully anticipating your someday trip, and how you are already enjoying that journey -- whether you take that trip next year or the next, or the next.

Thanks to you and my pastor this morning, I am going to be better at waiting and anticipating -- not altogether a bad thing. Happy First Sunday in Advent.

PaintedPromise said...

aw that brought tears... i agree with the kids Deb - GO!!! so long as it doesn't cancel out your plans to come HERE lol :)

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous glasses ... and I understand the need to have *something* nice in your life when you need it.
...and if you come to Oz, I reckon there'd be plenty of spare beds scattered around the whole country.