Friday, November 5, 2010

Busy Day at the Tractor Supply.

A couple bear stories at the Tractor Supply.

Ike, one of our managers, was late for work today. He runs a trap line that he checks every morning. He traps coons and fox. This morning much to his amazement, he managed to catch a bear. By two toes. That was a pickle. He had to call the game warden to come out and help him free the little guy. They decided against tranquilizing it, and just wrassled it down and took the trap off his toes, and it scampered away. It was funny as heck to listen to Ike tell the story. He was darned concerned about where this bear's mother was, since this all happened about 5 AM. There is nothing harder to see than a black bear in the dark.

One of our regulars came in. He buys his birdseed from us. He also had a bear story. He heard a crashing, and got up to check it out. A bear had broken into his house. It looked at him, peed in the middle of his floor, and then snagged a bag of bird seed on his way back out. I said, "I'd have made my own little puddle, I'm afraid," and that made him laugh hard.

Merrill's mother stopped in again. She and Tim knew each other, and they visited. She was amazed that people loved the story of her little chicken and has promised to send me a picture of him. I'll post it when I get it.

I drove home tonight in the snow.


Mary Paddock said...

A bear in his house?

Egads. I think I'll double-check the front door tonight.

Lydia said...

Holy moses! You sure do live in some wild country over there! Bears in the house! AND snow. I think South Dakota is looking pretty good these days!

Jayne said...

A bear in the house?!
Reminds me of the kids show called Playschool.
"There's a bear in there...."
You take care driving in the snow, don't you need to put chains on your tyres?

Debby said...

No Jayne. We do not use chains on our tires. We do have studded tires for the winter. You put those on after Oct. 15th, and you drive them until mid April. They are just what they sound like: tires with metal studs to 'grip' the snow.

Kelly said...

Don't know which bear story is scarier! I'd have been wondering about that Mama bear, too!

Brrr. Snow. I'm just not a winter person.

Anonymous said...

I'd have made my own little puddle, I'm afraid,"

Me too.


Lori said...

Great stories! I hope she does send you a picture of Merrill.