Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ain't It Funny

"I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder. How far off, I sat and wondered..."

Yeah. Okay. I did not even sit up in bed. I just laid there half awake, stupid with my tiredness and thinking "Mighty peculiar weather we're having for this time of the year." It is, too. We've had snow, but no more than a dusting. To have a thunder storm at the end of November? That is peculiar.

"...started humming a song from 1962..."

I remembered on morning when I was just wee, and we lived in Fredonia New York, and I was eating my breakfast at the little formica table, white with gold sparkles. I was getting ready for school, and the radio was playing "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah..." and it was pouring. The thunder and lightning outside scared me and I was crying because I was afraid to walk to Wheelock Elementary school in the thunder and lightning.

Somehow that child has become a middle aged woman. Quit laughing... That's what they tell us in 'Life Span' class. I'm middle aged. Imagine the joy of sitting in that class surrounded by young whippersnappers as the teacher talks about menopause and hot flashes. Most of the kids carefully don't look at me. That is the most aggravating class. I cannot, to save my soul, make higher than a B on her tests. Have you ever taken a test and then got it back, and begin to go over your questions, and find that the question has shapechanged? That one word leaps forward that did not leap forward on test day, and suddenly the whole question reads differently? Gah! Frustrating. I got an 82 on the last one, and it was my lowest score yet. I walked out of the classroom trying to figure out how I could do this differently. I go back several times and re-read the test before handing it in. It doesn't seem to help. "Do you have trouble with her tests?" I asked another student. She looked over. "These are the trickiest tests!" So it's not just me. 1/3 of the class got an A or a B. 1/3 of the class got a C and 1/3 of the class got a D or an F.

So this morning, I laid in bed listening to the thunder and lightning half awake, a middle aged woman. I looked over to the clock, and thought, 'in just an hour, I'll have to get ready for school'.

"Ain't it funny how the night moves?"


Jayne said...

But you've lost your awkward teenage blues and already got your night moves ;)

Stacey said...

Nice. I enjoyed this post very much. I, also wanted to add that my sister-in-law grew up in Dunkirk and her entire family dating back to great grandparents. Their last name is Corsi. I've been to Fredonia several times. Lovely town.

Kelly said...

My daughter loved "studying" over the phone with me when she took LifeSpan. I think she took great delight in relating all the middle age and old age stuff to me. Ha!

I keep telling her....just wait.