Friday, October 15, 2010

Young Girl

In class yesterday, we briefly discussed our powerpoint assignments. It is a group project, and my group is made up of women, and one young girl. I'm not trying to imply that Young Girl is immature, and really, our group is quite lucky to have her, because she knows the computer inside and out. The rest of us? Well, remember that when we were in high school, there were no computers. Quite a difference. No. "Young Girl" is a very welcome addition to our group. Our problem with Young Girl is that she is very sweet, extremely vague. Very intelligent, but she has a tendency to talk on, and you listen, carefully, and still cannot figure out what she is trying to say. Part of it is all the 'you knows' and 'like' and other 'filler' words that have little meaning. She is sweet though.

My (our) main issue with Young Girl is that we have a 15 minute presentation. We each must speak. Which gives us less than 3.5 minutes to make our portion of the presentation. Young Girl feels that we should feel free to interrupt each other with pertinent information. The three of us have said quite firmly that this would be unprofessional. It would also disrupt the flow of thought. It would also take away from the speaker's precious few minutes. It is a group project, and majority rules, we said. So there will be no interruptions. Young Girl says "Well, you can interrupt me too," or "This will add interest to our presentation." In other words, she's going to do what she's going to do, and it doesn't matter what we think. Young Girl never stops smiling sweetly.

So yesterday, we were discussing the presentations, people in the classroom just asking general sorts of questions. I don't know if it were right or wrong, but I just asked it, just a general question, not pointing any fingers. "Would you say that it is a good idea for a group to interrupt each other as they give their presentation, to add pertinent information?" The answer came back 'no'. Young Girl raised her hand. "I think it would be a way to add interest to our presentation," she said. The teacher said, "Listen. This is a group project. That means the majority rules. You don't get to have your way all the time." Young Girl still thinks she's right on this one, though. She smiles sweetly at the teacher.

Gosh. I'll be so glad when this is over. Really. We're all about to lose our minds. Young Girl smiles sweetly.


steviewren said...

Ugh! Your situation would make me not want to smile sweetly....just sayin....

Caroline said...

I would call her Miss-Perfect... She is always right in her mind.

Kelly said...

Well.... it sounds like she's extremely hard-headed, too!! (not that I can't be that way myself at times, so I'm not casting stones)

Jayne said...

Give her exactly what she wants - when she starts talking to you as a group (in discussions, not the actual presentation) interrupt her.
Keep on interrupting her and talking over the top of her and smile sweetly while you do it.
After she's lost the plot in frustration and complains that no one is letting her speak, inform her that you're only doing as she asked.
What's the diff between a professional presentation to the class and real life?
Or simple ask her if she has witnessed fully trained professionals interrupt each other during timed, professional presentations.
Where the heck has she got this bizarre idea from and does she think she's in a debating team?!

Lydia said...

Oh my. This will end. this will end. this will end..... smiling sweetly.