Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Win Books.

You know what? My copy and paste isn't working any more! What's up with that? I need my copy and paste. Anyway, head over to The Novel Woman. Her friend KC Dyer is giving away a copy of her new book.

Big day at school today. Going to try to knock out the biggest share of one of my biggest reports this afternoon in the library.

I had an e-mail exchange with the woman who's organizing the teacher's 'professional day'. She says the slots for my presentation are filling up quickly. This actually shocked me. I haven't got my presentations finished yet. There's so much. I've written the lead-in, setting the scene. Talking about the surprise of it, and the first frightening weeks when everything moved so quickly that Tim and I fell out of sync with each other (which made it very much worse...and which is, as I discovered, very much the norm for couples) as well as the sheer unreality of the time. It was a major adjustment for the whole family. I thought then that I'd grab a half dozen blog posts that really captured the emotions during treatment. Wind up with some brief comments on how to be helpful which will dovetail nicely with how NOT to be helpful, and then talk about being an ordinary woman who was careless about screenings because she considered herself to be healthy, with no alarming family history. Then I will provide material for them to pick up. And pray like crazy that this will take up one hour and forty five minutes.

Coffee's done, and I need to get a move on.


quid said...

Busy, busy day. I am excited for you to be able to give your presentation. Don't be nervous!


BUSH BABE said...

You'll do fine Debby - you love people one-on-one and it'll just be like a big version of a conversation. You like to talk. And this is a tailor-made listening committee... couldn't BE more perfect!


Hal Johnson said...

Kick some butt Debby!

Pencil Writer said...

are you going to have Q&A time? I suspect that there will be a lot of questions in the minds of your audience. If you do have extra time--which I'm sure you might have enough prepared that you won't--but IF you do, answering questions my be the most natural time eater. In fact, you might need a few hours to answer questions, if that's the case. IN any event, I'm sure you'll be well prepared for whatever occurs that day. Best of luck to you and your audience(s). I think you mentioned more than one schedule event?

A Novel Woman said...

You'll be fine. You've said in the past you're a talker and you're interested in people so it'll be a breeze. Give people time to ask questions and one question will lead to another and voila, it'll be over before you can believe it.

And thanks for the plug for kc's books. She's a wonderful Canadian writer and a good friend of mine.

Debby said...

Yeah. I'm a talker, and my eyebrows are nicely shaped. Those two things.

PaintedPromise said...

sure wish i could be there for your presentation!!! can't wait for THAT blog post :)