Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today at the Tractor Supply

Today, a couple came up to the counter with a piece of equipment that I was unfamiliar with, but I scanned the bar code and rang it up. $6.35. I took the money and briefly chit chatted, and they left. Wasn't long before they were back in, holding their receipt and the part. "Uh-oh," I said. "What happened? Was the part wrong, or the cashier wrong?" They said that I'd made a mistake. I sure did. The part was actually three separate pieces. I'd only scanned the bar code on the end piece. When they took it apart, I realized that each part had its own code. The other two pieces were $9.00 each. I thanked them profusely. The man said, "I thought at first the part was a lot cheaper than I thought. But when I looked at the receipt, I realized what had happened. I should have taken the thing apart when I came up to the counter." You know, those people could have gotten a $25. part for $6.35. But they came back. They made it right. Gotta tell you. Every time something like that happens, it gives me hope for this world.

Funny story? There's this old fellow who comes into the store. He's a corker. He was returning something, and I had to get the manager to do it because he doesn't have his receipt. So I called for Ike, and I asked the customer to step to the side so that I could continue to wait on customers. He stepped to the side with a grin, but said, in a mournful voice, "Story of my life. I'm always coming in second." I squinted at him, puzzled. "Second? Really? You come in second?That surprises me. Gees. We've all been calling you a loser." The line howled and so did he.

Well. Now I've got homework. This is not getting it done.


Kelly said...

It's always nice hearing about the honest folks out there!

steviewren said...

How I wish I had been born with a lifetime supply of snappy rejoinders! Good one Deb!