Monday, October 18, 2010


Today, I studied for a unit test. Today, I finished my research paper. Today, I wrote two more short papers, one on a current event, another on an essay about 'Kaffir Boy', a book which turned out to be a paradigm shift for me when I was 11. This essay was written by the author himself, Mark Mathabane, in response to the discovery that his book was assigned reading in many classrooms, but was being read in a censored version. It was a brutal book about a terrible time, but the words in that book changed my thinking forever. I don't believe one word of it should be changed, or omitted. 'Let he who has eyes see.' Writing the article took me back to a late night at my grandmother's house. I'd read the book in a quiet corner of the house as the grownups talked in the kitchen. I was surprised at how vivid those memories were. It was a pleasant writing, as I sorted through my memories.

Today I made two quiches for supper. It's been a time since I've done something besides hurriedly slap something on the table. Tim was surprised.

I'm headed to bed now. I've got a lot on my plate tomorrow, but I can tell you that I am ahead of the game at this point. We'll have a nice supper of leftover quiche tomorrow. I'm handing in work early. I am again regaining my footing. I am regaining my confidence. One day at a time, I'm making progress. Feels good. Really good.

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RedWifey said...

Yeah! So glad you're feeling good and making progress. Sometimes it's hard to tell which comes first: the feeling or the progress, but either way they're both welcome! :) Keep up the good work!