Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How I Did That

Everyone was quite interested in how I could know what search words were being used as my blog was searched yesterday. No. I'm not a 'tech-savvy person', as Jenny thought. I even boggled Mikey's mind. True confession time: I actually did not know that I could do this until yesterday. See that globe in my side bar? It tells where all of you are from. If I click on the last button in the second row, it takes me to another screen. I knew that I could see what posts people were reading. What I did not realize, until yesterday, was that I could see, if someone was searching my blog, what words they were entering. I 'watched' this person type in a word, and then be directed to a handful of blog posts. Not finding what they were looking for, they'd type in something else, and be directed yet again. I followed them around the blog for a while. It was a truly strange experience, like standing around a corner, watching a stranger poke through your home. *sigh* So, friends, it was not magic, and it wasn't even being 'tech savvy'. It was just one of those amazing coincidences.

In any case, it caused me to think about the things that I put out there, and how that information could be exploited if someone is trying to use it in a bad way. Initially, it came as a bit of a shock, but I decided that really, it is what it is. If someone doesn't like you, they'll use whatever they can to inflict whatever damage they can. My words are my words. I am what I am. I'm no more imperfect than anyone else. I realize that as I type these words, I believe them, which, for a person of low self esteem, is a pretty big deal.

I have a test this morning, so I've got to hit the road early. I don't feel well prepared for this test. I spent time studying, but I also had homework to get done. There really is a lot of work this semester, and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Every little project I get done makes me feel better. We are on the down hill slide of it, and I am glad. I'm not sure when the final day of class is for Christmas break, but I'm looking forward to it.

A cool thing happened yesterday. I haven't been doing the weigh ins because, quite frankly, I never remember them anymore. I've simply gotten out of the habit. I am losing weight still, I think. I was looking for a pair of dress pants yesterday, and tried on a pair that I had not worn for a very long time. They fit nicely. That was a nice surprise.

Well, my coffee's almost gone, and I haven't wandered around your blogs yet. Gotta run!


Stacey said...

Debby, I so agree with you. It is weird. I remember the first time an instant message popped up. It was shocking. I felt like the person could see me and actually, it still weirds me out. I have that feature disabled on my facebook page. No one needs to speak with me that urgently or see that I'm online.

And the thing about putting personal info out into the public? My opinion has changed on that recently. In the past, I tried to be as private as possible, but lately all I want to do is share stuff. My blog talks about getting breast cancer... I'm blogging that to the world when I still have close friends I haven't told. Searching for people who understand. That's how I see it and I think that's ok.

Sorry, this is so long. Thanks!

Jayne said...

Yay on the weight loss :)
On the other - life is for living, good on you xxx

Kelly said...

I'm glad you explained that because I was wondering, too. Your little map is so nice with all its red dots. I'll just stick with using the stats on Blogger (which I'm not sure are accurate since I can't image people in some of those places ever looking at my blog, especially since it isn't high-traffic to start with!).

Congrats on the pants fitting!!

A Novel Woman said...

I still don't understand how to figure out the traffic stuff. Gah.

Bob said...

Nothing like that feeling of something fitting that hasn't fit in a long time.