Friday, October 8, 2010

High Pitched Whine

Today sucked.

It began early. I began to print out some study guides that I needed for an online class. I ran out of paper. So I left the house early, and printed out the things that I needed for the online test.

I went to my one class.

I went to the library and began dutifully typing out one of my papers. I had a 1 PM meeting with another student for a group project. I tried to print my paper, but it would not print. It kept telling me that it was saved to something called 'One Note'. Finally, I just saved the document and fled to the conference room for my meeting, figuring to print it out later.

This group project will be the death of me. I'm trying to explain that a power point should be like the key points, and pictures, an accent to the speaking. The youngest member of the group is adament that the power point contain all the things we will be saying so that we can read from it. We've got the most verbose power point ever, and I tried to patiently explain that the power point was meant to be used like a 'highlighter'. "Um," she said, "I've seen it done both ways, actually." So she went on adding words. I sat there. "So, what do you think?" she said, turning her powerbook to me. What am I supposed to say. Then she tells me that she doesn't like her speaking part. Do I like mine? (What? LIKE IT? What's that got to do with it?) I say to her very patiently, "Well, if you would like my part, you can take my notes, and I'll do your part. "Well," she says, "it's just that I'm not really comfortable and I really don't have a lot of experience with this material, and so I don't really feel like I ought to be speaking on it..." and then she began trailing off, "But, you know, so I guess that I will do know?" (What?) I say to her, I guess you'll have to tell me exactly what you are looking for here, because I don't understand what you are telling me. Do you want my part?" "No, that's not what I'm saying, you know, it's just that, I don't really have a lot of knowledge about this..." Me: "About what?" Her: "About this." Me (struggling to be patient): "What? Occupational Therapy? The Era? The people?" Her: "All of it." Me: "I don't think any of us do. That's why we're doing research." "Well, she says, "I need your information on Dunton for the Power Point. (because it does not have enough words already.)" I say: "His greatest contribution to Occupational Therapy was probably that he was the publisher, editor, and major contributer to the first OT journal, and he filled that position for 25 years without pay." She looked at me. "I guess that I don't see why this is important, you know? It does not say anything about who he was, or what his role was. I don't get it." Me: "Well, it sort of shows his commitment to the profession, don't you think?" Her: "Um...not know?" At that point, I made up my mind that I had just wasted 1 1/2 hours. When she began to explain to me that we should feel free to interrupt each other as we presented to add pertinant information, I began to lose patience. "That would be terribly unprofessional," I said. She didn't think so. I explained that any additional pertinant information should be given as we rehearsed the presentation. She felt that it would add interest. I said, "We have a very limited amount of time to make our presentation..." She smiled sweetly. "It's okay. Feel free to interrupt me, as well..." (SCREEEEEEEEEEAM!)

So I made my excuses and returned to a library computer to continue to write my paper. Except that it was gone. It was not in 'My Documents'. I went over to the Reference Librarian, and explained about the thing not printing, and that strange 'One Note' message. "Oh," she said. "We've been having problems with the system all day." I started getting a really bad feeling. "You mean it's just gone." I had to write that whole paper again. From scratch.

I began to get the things together for my next paper. We have to get five advertisements aimed at, say, a car, from five different magazines aimed at different segments of the population and contrast them. I got one when the lights in the library began to flicker. "What does that mean?" I asked even though I was pretty sure I knew. "The library closes at four on Friday," I was told.

So I left. I came home, I studied for my online exam, and then went online to take it and found that it was no longer there. I'm waiting for a message from the instructors on what to do. I wasted time studying.

I don't have any old magazines, having heartlessly gone through them and donated them some months back, and our town library is closed.

On top of it all, we have one good car. Three pieces of crap, one with a bad master cylinder, the other two with 190K miles on them. One uninspected truck. Tim had a deer leap out in front of him. Guess which car he was driving?
Yep. The Mustang. Our 'good' car.

Today reeeeeeallllllly sucked. Did I mention that?

Oh. I did?

I've actually not sworn out loud, I'm happy to report. I am proud of myself control, but since God knows our innermost thoughts, it doesn't matter, because I'm in deep doo-doo anyway.


BUSH BABE said...

Oh dear. I know the feeling. That sounds like a SUPER frustrating day... and that young girl... well, lucky it wasn't me. I am not as restrained as you. And God knows that better than anyone!!

Hope Tim is okay (despite being as frustrated as you, no doubt!).

Mary Paddock said...

Yup. Sounds like a lousy day. And if you haven't sworn, then you're a better person than me. :)

Very to hear about the meet up between the deer and the good car. No fun at all.

As per group projects--I've been involved in three of these so far this semester and have concluded that I hate them (I don't remember Profs being so big on this last time I was in school). I will refrain from ranting here. :)

Debby said...

Well, I did just swear twice within five minutes. Tim kept teasing me. I tried to explain that tonight was not a teasing sort of night. So I tried to explain why it was not a teasing sort of night and used two swear words in quick succession. Probably to impress upon him that I was serious about not being teased, mostly.

No. Tim was not hurt. Just the passenger side fender. And the deer lived so we didn't even get any meat out of the deal.

Yeah. Today sucked.

Redlefty said...

In business school they assigned our teams day one and we had those same five people for every class, all year. My team was okay but some were just brutally bad luck!

The professor will notice your team dynamics right away, and will probably reward your respect of your teammates, even when they aren't really earning it. :)

Jayne said...

Eeck, that young girl is enough to drive one to drink!
You're allowed to swear.
I give you full permission to let rip.
Really ;)

Ash said...

I'm not too familiar with One Note either but if your paper was saved in it, it would still be there. You can open One Note and use the print option there.
In order to avoid the file being sent to One Note, you must choose the printer you want to send it to in that box that opens up when you hit print (where you choose the properties, no. of copies etc.)

jeanie said...

Oh my - I think that if thoughts were deeds, you would be in doggy-doo indeed - or at least I would be, because I am sure the headbutt I have delivered on your behalf to your "colleague" would possibly fall outside of polite, Christian behaviour.

Lydia said...

SOOOOooooooo, How long are you in this group? I only ask because I would happy to be a character witness for you at the trial..... LOL

Hang in there. That was a crappy day.

steviewren said...

I won't write what I would be thinking...and saying probably...obviously I'm not as good as you at self restraint!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry for the sucky day. :(

I'm sure group projects have some special purpose for teaching folks how to work together, but they always end up being a real pain one way or another. My kids always hated them.