Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Group Projects

This group project is crazy. Completely crazy. Two of us have been working very hard on this from the beginning. The other two miss deadlines, don't understand, etc. Now these two have taken it upon themselves to redo the everything. We sent it to the professor this afternoon. Now, 9 hours before the presentation, they are changing everything. At 10 PM, the other worker in the group called me in tears. I tried to be as soothing as I could, but really, the fact that these two have taken upon themselves to change everything with no input from the group is horrible.

This afternoon, as I was leaving one of them said, "Can you talk longer? Young Girl doesn't have enough information to fill her full 3 1/2 minutes." I stared. I'm supposed to rewrite my whole thing at the last minute because someone hasn't done their part? I took a deep breath. "No," I said. "I won't." I looked at Young Girl. "I strongly suggest that you spend tonight doing some research." I left.

Tonight on the phone, I told a sobbing K., who takes her grades every bit as seriously as I do, that I'm sure that the teachers would be able to tell who was prepared, and who wasn't. The fact that two members were revamping everything after the group had submitted our stuff earlier in the afternoon will be obvious. "All we can do is be prepared to do our part, as was arranged weeks ago. It's going to be okay," I soothed. "I'm sure the teachers have seen situations like this before. They'll know."

Man. I hope I'm right.


Jayne said...

Yes, they know of this phenomenon well.
Do not panic.
Do not stress.
This is a learning curve for Young Girl, a big boot up her bum to learn to prepare, research and listen to others in a group situation, to pull her weight and not expect everyone else to do her work for her.
It's a wake-up call for her, not you or K, you guys just happened to be witnesses to an educational train wreck in progress.

Twain12 said...

good luck, i'm sure it will be fine

Mary Paddock said...

What you have here are two people who clearly do not understand the concept of teamwork. If you feel that your grade reflects this at the end of the project, a word with the instructor would be in order.

I am assuming the recent uptick in the use of this in college and high school must be based on an brand new theory I haven't been exposed to yet. In brief, I cannot wait for it to be outmoded.

Lydia said...

I'm sure you will be greatly relieved when this is all over. I'm guessing you weren't smiling sweetly during these phone calls?

Good luck today!

Nancy said...

Debby, You handled this exactly right and I'm sure the teacher sees this all the time and will be able to immediately tell who was and was not prepared. It's kind of the nature of group projects I guess. There will always be slackers.

steviewren said...

Since the teacher already answered the butting-in girl's question with a "Certainly not" I would think she already has an idea of what's been going on in your group. Don't worry. You've done your best. It will show.

Brianna said...

Just keep it all in perspective, Mom! You've faced much worse, and you always come out on top, and I'm sure you will on this, too! Good luck, we're praying for you! :)

Kelly said...

I hope the presentation went well today. Yes, professors see problems like that all the time and know who was prepared and who wasn't. Wish I could have loaned you my perkboots.
: )