Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Dear Teacher:

I was 8 minutes late for school on test day for the following reason.

I was driving to school and I saw this field full of seagulls. A flock of seagulls. And the song "I Ran" began running through my head, and so I glanced over at the clock on the dash, and I had 10 minutes, so I pulled into the parking lot to take pictures of the flock of seagulls. And then I drove on to school, and I got out of the truck, and ambled in, because I still had time. Only to discover that I was 8 minutes late. The clock on the truck was wrong, which I didn't realize it because I don't drive it unless I have to, but I had to because remember how Tim was driving the Mustang and a deer jumped in front of him? Well, he was driving the back up car and a deer came off the bank and by the time that I saw her, she was already headed straight into the windshield. I ducked and covered my face. When I saw the windshield bowing in under the weight of the deer, I thought I would wind up with it in my lap, so I lay down and covered my head. Nothing else to do. Tim managed to keep the car on the road, amazingly, but it's totalled (it's the blue car from this story, so it's not much of a loss). So now I'm driving the unfamiliar truck and did not realize the clock was wrong because my watch band broke while I was stocking the pop cooler at work, and I haven't replaced it yet.

And that's why I was late for school.

Do I need to get my mama to sign this?


Bill of Wasilla said...

Well, where are the pictures of the seagulls?

Ps: Glad you're alive and whole.

Caroline said...

Dear Teacher: Please excuse Debby's lateness. The deer made her late.

Twain12 said...

what Bill's said LOL...on a serious note, i'm glad you are alright (not sure about the deer ?)

Lydia said...

Glad you are OK! Hope the teacher understood. We would all sign your note if your mom won't. LOL

Pencil Writer said...

I'll bet your teacher will keep this excuse in her journal of "special" excuses, forever. We are all glad neither you nor Tim was crunched (as the poor car) with the poorly timed road crossing of the unwitting deer. The outcome could have been FAR worse. You'd been late/absent from many of your classes and would have required possible OT classes/work as the patient rather than tech.

Kelly said...

Oh my!! I'll sign your excuse, too. Glad you and Tim both escaped injury in your deer encounters, even if the vehicles didn't.

I look forward to the gull photos.

Jayne said...

Dear Teacher,

It is patently untrue that Debby has No Eye Deer of the thyme involved in preparing venison.
The Mad Old Cow from Oz :P

Mary Paddock said...

Dear Teacher,

If you don't believe her, ask her to show you the pictures of the sea gulls.

'Glad it wasn't worse. :)

I nearly hit one of those critters on my way into class at o-dark-thirty am yesterday. I think it's an antlered conspiracy to remove as many of us as possible from the food chain.

BUSH BABE said...

Bill and Jayne... Haha!
Deb ... you funny. (But glad you are okay).
PW ... what's the bet the teacher reads this blog anyway. No excuse letters required!

WhiteStone said...

Teach! Deer and sea gulls ate Debby's homework. Down to the last word. We're here to vouch for her veracity.

P.S. I use my cell phone to check accurate time cause I usually forget to wear my watch.

Debby said...

Tim and I have one cell between us. It is the phone that Dylan used when he was in high school. It's a prepaid. I rarely carry it, unless I'm headed far from home. Tim carries it every day, because he drives farther, through more remote area than I do. However if you and your cell phone came with me, you'd be able to keep me on time.

Jayne. Too punny!

PaintedPromise said...

i recently heard about a T-shirt on another blog:

"Teacher, could you please stop assigning so much homework... my dog is getting fat!"

the blogger was feeling like a failure as a mother because her son wore the shirt on PICTURE DAY...

me, i was wondering why the heck they didn't have that shirt when i was in school...