Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tempus Fugits.

Today, in about an hour, Dylan will officially turn 24. It just seems strange to me to think about it. 24 years. In just 10 days, Brianna will be 29.

How the heck is that even possible? Tempus is fugiting at an incredible rate.


Twain12 said...

reminds me of the time when my sister and i where around 30 and my mom looked at us and said she doesn't have kids THAT old LOL...Happy Birthday to your babies

Pencil Writer said...

Oh, it gets better! lol! My oldest will turn (***EEEK***) 35 this New Year's Eve. Now, we can really ask, "How the heck did that happen?" And my baby boy will turn 24 on his next birthday. And my oldest grandchild will be 7 this week.

So, move over Debby dear, you're still a little young pipsqueek. (And I do mean that in the kindest of ways.) Besides, you can't put a rock on their heads and make them quit. Just part of the plan. It'll be oka. At least I keep telling myself it will! Have fun celebrating their progress!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday to both of them!!

I'm still marveling that all of mine are now "adults" (21 or older)! Meanwhile reveling that my granddaughter gets more fun with each passing year (she's 8).

PaintedPromise said...

huh, Kelly, and i was happy that all of mine (ours) are now "adults" - 18 and over! does this mean i still have 3 more years until the youngest is 21 to be relieved? i mean, hey, they can VOTE at 18...

Deb - my oldest turns 27 next month... i hear you!!!!

oh and i have a grandson who is 20! of course, he has 4 legs and a tail (all my grandkids do) so it's just a tad different ;)

quid said...

Andrea turns 29 in October. Tom was 24 in March. Somewhere, in those years, we were living parallel lives.