Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picture Perfect

Here's a news flash for you. I hate having my picture taken. Hate it. We're having a new church directory made and they wanted everyone to show up to get their picture taken for it.

Did I mention about hating having my picture taken?

So then, I couldn't make the appointment for the picture until I knew what my work schedule was, and then when I found out what my work schedule was, I forgot to call the secretary and see what appointment times were open, and well, *sigh* long story short, Tim and I were showing up for our picture taking at 9:20 PM, after I got off work. After I got out of school. As I was coming down with a cold, and my face hurt, and my eyes were puffy and well... you get the picture, right? (Pun entirely intended.)

So anyhow, we get our picture taken, and then we have to sit and wait to pick our pose. (Pose, not Nose) It wasn't all bad, because we got to visit with the church secretary, and she's funny as a hoot. Also glamorous and has never taken a bad picture in her life, I imagine, but I'm not jealous (much). I love Karen despite her movie star looks.

So we're finally called up there, and I say to that man, in a very matter of fact way, "So you can give us the short version, because we're not buying any pictures. We'll just pick the photo for the directory and be on our way." He says that he needs to give us the schpiel anyway. So I sit myself down and snuffle to myself (really, colds make me snottier than usual), and I'm kind of listening, while not listening at all. Tim is much better at looking interested when he's not interested than I am at looking interested when I'm not interested. But then, surprisingly, I got interested, when the man tells us that there is a 'finish' that they offer that will remove the lines and blemishes. It will remove the bags under your eyes. It will whiten your teeth. It will even make you look thinner. He showed pictures, and I have to say, the people looked like younger versions of themselves. In fact, if you were a person coming down with a pretty bad cold, feeling a little...oh, I don't know...snarky?...well, you might find yourself wondering "What the heck?" I mean, do people think that if they get this picture, someone will look at their wrinkled pudgy blemished face with the bags under their eyes and the wrinkles on their necks and say, 'Hm. They must be having a bad day, because that picture, well...by gosh, a picture does not lie, and they sure do look fine in that picture...'

Okay. I don't like my pictures. I just don't. Never have. But the idea of paying someone to make my picture not look like me, well, that's bizarre isn't it? What is the point of that? Somebody want to explain that? I would much rather have someone look at my picture and say, "Man, Debby was sure having a bad day!" then to hear "Who does she think she's fooling?"

Waiting patiently for your words of wisdom.

*tick* *tick* *tick*

Well, back to my studying.


A Novel Woman said...

I'm with you.

1. I hate having my picture taken. Hate, hate, hate.

2. I think this kind of enhancement is wrong. I've seen it, and not only do they remove blemishes, lines, bags, etc. they also change the shape of the face and head! Bizarre. And we wonder why our young girls have such problems with body image....

Jayne said...

The only 'enhancement' to photos I like is when the old cracked/torn/blemished family photos get repaired.
Otherwise we are as we are!

Pencil Writer said...

Yep. Remove all that character and what do you have? Like A Novel Woman said, no wonder young women--of all ages--have such problems with body image.

Like a friend of mine said recently: "Hey! I've lived long enough to have character lines. I'm not paying someone fabulous sums of money to remove them! I have character through all the trials and good times I've experienced!"

I feel like that, too!

Anonymous said...

This is what I think of photo enhancement, manipulation:



BUSH BABE said...

It would be like virtual plastic surgery - so you can look like someone your kinda used to know... I reckon a tiny tweak is okay - any more than that is plain scary!

Bill of Wasilla said...

I could take a good picture of you, even when you didn't know it.

As to that photographer... he and I practice different professions.

Anonymous said...

Actually I kinda like the photo I look at every time I visit here.
I don't think anyone ever likes their own photos - especially drivers licence ones which are there set in plastic for five years!!
I wouldn't mind losing an eyebag or two and maybe a couple of lines, but wouldn't want to have to go back and get all that experience again!
Just grin and bear it. You look just fine as you are. Love B

PaintedPromise said...
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PaintedPromise said...

i actually LOVE pictures of me! that is, if they are taken ON A HORSE and FAR AWAY so that i myself am ITTY BITTY lol