Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pictures from a Trip.

Back to our day trip. We got up and went out for breakfast first thing. We went to Bob's Big Boy. We had a nice waitress named Sandy, who loved the story that we all were meeting for the first time. What I loved was the fact that we were all just sitting there blabbing as if we'd known each other for a hundred years...even Randy and Tim. You know, sometimes you meet people on the internet and wonder what they are like in real life? Well. Susan and Randy are just what I expected: great people!
Everyone stops to watch an 'extreme fishing' display.

He was fun to watch.

This beach also had, back by the retaining wall, a nice little shelter for a stray cat. The cat dish was full, and there was a piece of carpeting. Someone is taking good care of the fellow, and that made me glad.
We hopped on a ferry and headed out to Put-In-Bay Island. I kept myself busy taking pictures, because, gotta tell you, boats make me sick. All boats. I took a canoe ride once. Everyone says that you don't get sick on a canoe. Yeah, actually, I do. There is something about shutting your eyes, and it seems like you are going fast. You look at the water, and you're not going as fast as you feel like when your eyes are closed. And then you look at the shore and you're scarcely moving at all. At some point during this process, my brain decides that I must be drunk and sends the message to my stomach that I must purge my system of the alcohol that I did not drink. I start to feel nauseous. That's step one. (Believe me. You don't want to hear step two.) Anyways, I've gotten sick after the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls. I've gotten sick on the 1000 Island Boat Tour (although I've done that twice, for the sake of company. I'm noble like that.) I've gotten sick when friends took us out on their boat so that the kids could go tubing and water skiing. In my life B.T. (before Tim), we owned a boat. I never went on it. Ever. Well. Except when it was in the driveway once. So when Susan said she wanted to do the ferry, I groaned inside, but took a deep breath, said nothing, and headed out praying like crazy. I did not get sick.
I've decided that what I really want for Christmas is my own island.
Not like this...the neighbors are a mite close for my taste. And, jees, you'd hate to be a sleep walker. Or a drinker. Either one.

Too much traffic.

Yeah. Okay. This is the one I want. Plenty of room for me to build my mansion. By me, I mean Tim. I'll do what I always do, which is fetch stuff and 'hold this right there'.

Once we stepped off the ferry, all heck broke lose when the plane crashed.

Ironically, the sign next to the register at the restaurant where we had breakfast read, "Have an amazing day!" Um. It was shaping up to be pretty darn amazing, alright.

Some random island shots:

Randy has his own cannon. Tim wants his own cannon. The guys were doing a lot of talking about cannons. This does not bode well.

This carousel was built in 1917. The horses are all hand carved and original. The music was not. When I took the picture, it was merrily thumping out CCR's "Bad Moon Rising". Made me laugh.

When we boarded the ferry, two seagulls were talking. I heard 'em. ('See that one right there, Gertrude?' 'Yeah, Heathcliff, I see her.' 'Wanna bet she's going to get sick on the boat? She looks the type. Betcha she barfs.' 'No, Heathcliff, I'm not taking that bet.') Both of them laughed at me.

So I leaned out and looked at the water. I did not get sick.
I leaned out even farther. That poor sap on the first level is probably down there because he gets sick on boats. Not everyone has 'sea legs' (Lake Erie legs?), doncha know.

Random notes: The gift shops had lovely things, but there were also a bunch of whale stuff. There was a large concrete hippopotamus and a great white shark to be photographed near. Strange. We were (hello?!!!) on Lake Erie. I have never heard of a great white sighting there (although Presque Isle was closed for a day because a fisherman caught a piranha. It was later discovered to be a vegetarian cousin to the piranha and the beach was reopened.) No hippos on Lake Erie either. So these things puzzled me.

Susan was talking about the plane crash at a gift shop, and the staff were looking at her video. The owner of the establishment walked out, and the cashier holding the camera said, "A plane crashed into the bay this morning! Did you know?" to which the woman responded "*sigh* Not AGAIN!!!" We looked at her amazed, and she quickly said, with a smile, "Well, now, you did not hear that from me...."

We also ran into the rudest person ever at the Dairy Queen. I haven't been into a Dairy Queen for ever so long. It was hot and we stopped to get a drink. I saw that they had iced tea, so I asked if they had unsweetened tea. "Yes," the impatient young man said. "Okay, then, I'll have that, with double lemon please," and the man said, "We don't have lemon." I began to study the menu. The young man snapped, "Are you getting something or not?" To which I replied, "Gees. Sorry I'm wasting your valuable time here." He had a big cup at the counter labeled "TIPS". He did not get one from our party. Especially since he got snotty with Randy and Susan afterwards.

I did not take a lot of pictures on the island, probably because I was talking so much. There was a winery there, and a cave that you could explore, and we traveled around on a golf cart. We had a nice time, and by the time we were back home, Tim was saying wistfully, "I'd really like to get out to see Randy and Susan some day." I imagine it will happen.


Twain12 said...

looks like a gorgeous day...glad you had a good time (except for the dairy queen dude)

WhiteStone said...

I like the "island home" idea! Did I ever tell you when we were kids, we had our own island? Aha! I haven't, have I!

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

LOVED the picture of the heron! Your pictures of the island are great too. It would be nice to own an island. It would be a wonderful place to get away from hectic world in which we live.

Mikey said...

Aww, that is so great! And you know, it's so weird to see those two on your blog! lol, it just is... love that cannon shot. No, it does not bode well that Tim wants a cannon, lmao. I bet he comes out here to shoot Randy's. I promise I will be here when you get here!!!
Tooo cool, all of you!

Bill of Wasilla said...

I'm really glad someone is taking care of that cat, too. If they weren't, it might have to eat the heron. I hope someone is taking care of Fat Cat, and I just haven't heard about it.

Kelly said...

A personal island. Yes, that would be nice.

Loved all these pictures and hearing all about your day. I like the carousel, even if it does play CCR (not one of my favorite groups) It all sounds like such fun!!

BUSH BABE said...

You know I get terribly seasick too - although I have to say that ski boats are fine as long as I am looking forward.

You look like you had a blast... two lovely couples. And love how your plane shot was just a punctuation mark in this post - still cannot believe you were witness to a crash!

As for the dairy queen experience - am totally convinced that the next generation are becoming incapable of customer service. I sound like an oldie now, don't I? Honestly - that kind of attitude is rampant in Australia. Drives me nuts (ex-waitress speaking here).

And to end this mammoth comment on a better note - your photos are getting better and better! Some great shots in this lot. Go Deb!

Bob said...

yes you are putting us all to shame with your photography!

Sounds like y'all had such a good time.

PaintedPromise said...

OMG Deb for shame... i can NOT believe you didn't tell me you get sick!!!!! i would NOT have picked the ferry...

oh. but then we wouldn't have had such an amazing day, huh.

ok, never mind!

I LOVE YOU!!! and i miss you SO MUCH!!!!!

it has been awful since i got back, gotta catch up on my own blog but i wanted to catch up on yours and Mikey's first... letting stuff gel so i can get busy lol.

ok i think i am caught up now so i'd best get my *ahen* in gear huh?