Monday, August 16, 2010

Meeting Randy and Susan!

I might have mentioned it once or or eight times, but we went to Ohio to meet up with a blogging friend. Susan lives in Arizona. She was one of my original two commenters. (The other is Mikey, the person responsible for nagging me to take up blogging.) In any case, a couple weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Susan which commented that they were coming in to Michigan, and it was a pity we did not live closer. "Are you flying in?" I asked. "Yes," she e-mailed back. "To Detroit?" and she said yes. "Susan," I said, 'this is a distinct possibility.'
I began to work on it.

First thing was convincing Tim. He's kind of a quiet dude. I was worried that he'd be a little shy about hanging out with people we had never actually met before. But when I broached the subject with him, he said, immediately, "That sounds like fun..." It's been a long time since we had a vacation. Before, we did not have the money to go any place. Once we both got back to work, well...there wasn't the time. But this was a day trip. So I cautiously e-mailed Susan yet again, to tell her that Tim was game. Turns out that her husband Randy was willing too.

At that point, the only obstacle was getting the time off work. Since the whole thing was being pulled together very quickly, I didn't have the time to put in a proper request for a day off, and I was shy about asking for favors as such a new employee. Imagine my surprise as I walked into the breakroom to look at the new schedule and found I was not on the schedule to work Friday. I was free!

Another flurry of e-mails followed.

We found out that they were getting in to Detroit at 1 AM Friday morning. They planned to sleep in their rental car, and meet up with us later on. Tim, of his own accord said, "You don't work Thursday evening. Why don't we just drive out the night before, and get a hotel room? They can at least have a place to to get a shower." And so I made reservations. The hotel room had two double beds. "Um, listen," I said to the nice hotel lady. "We're meeting up with friends. They won't be getting in until much later in the morning. Can they crash in the extra bed for three or four hours? Can they use the shower?" And she assured me that this was fine, and that there would be no extra charge for this.

So I was talking to Susan on the phone, explaining about the showers, and I was trying to figure out how to offer the extra bed without sounding like a potential wierdo. I mean, remember, Susan and I have never met. Turns out, at the same time, Susan was trying to figure out how she could ask me about the extra bed without sounding like a wierdo. Because, basically, I am a wierdo, I finally just came out with it. "Listen, I don't want you to think I am a wierdo, but you all are welcome to come in and grab the extra bed. I hate to think of you both trying to sleep in your car..." and she said, "Well, I don't want you to think that we're weirdos, but we're taking you up on that..."

And lo, it came that Tim and Debby left the woods.

This here are Cleveland.

We drove across the Sandusky Bay Bridge, and ooooooooh...the water was spaaaaaaarkely....

We got into the little town of Port Clinton, and found the Bayside Inn. We watched the television. Since it's been a long time since we watched television, we got bored rather quickly. TV really sucks. We'd forgotten.

We hit the hay early, because that's what we do, and even though I was very excited, I managed to fall soundly asleep. The phone rang at 4:30 AM. Susan and Randy had arrived. I shot out the door in my jammies and scooted across the parking lot. Eh. When you've written back and forth for a couple years, pajamas are acceptable attire for a first meeting. Even if it's outside. Anyhow, you may not have noticed, but I'm a terrible blabber. I really tried to keep quiet when they came inside, because I knew that they had to be exhausted. Still, I whispered a couple things to Susan, and then Tim clamped his hand across my mouth. And so I shut up, and much to my surprise, I fell soundly asleep one more time.

And then it was morning. Tim and I got up early, got coffee and showered, and absented ourselves to give Susan and Randy time to wake up and get ready. Susan and I got to chatter as much as we wanted.
Then we headed out. This is the car that Randy and Susan rented from Detroit.

As reported, we were standing on the beach at Put-In-Bay, blabbing. I heard a solid 'sploooooooooosh' behind me and turned around to see this:

Being a practical person, I thought 'It is not possible that this plane crashed into the water', and I looked for pontoons. There were none.
Then the nose dipped under the water, and suddenly the tail was straight up. At this point, I began to think 'hm. This is not a good thing...' and before our very eyes, people appeared in the water, and you could hear the shouting. The ferry you see is the one that we had just disembarked from.

By golly, then things started happening. You had the Police Choppers.

You had the news choppers.

You had the boat that was going to bring the plane back up. We did not wait to see more than that, however. We had stuff to do. That will be our next post.


Bill of Wasilla said...

I am back home briefly and have lots of catching up to do, but - whoa... you have had some excitement. I'm glad no one drowned or got badly hurt.

Here in Alaska, we just keep having plane crash after plane crash and people - both the obscure and the powerful - just keep getting killed.

steviewren said...

Sounds like an interesting first visit in more than one way. It will certainly be memorable. Susan can say that meeting you was something akin to a crash landing. hehe

Kelly said...

Wow! This all sounds like so much fun!! (except for the plane crash, of course...)

It's fun getting to meet blog friends in real life! I've only met two, but hope to add more (you included) to that list someday.

Pam said...

OMG!!!! That was and exciting turn of events. The background plane crash, that is! How fun your visit sounds!! I remember the visit *sigh* a couple of years ago when Kelly and I got to met Marion and Quid! It was so much fun!

Can't wait to read more!

quid said...

Exciting! Much better than the crack version.

Can't wait for the next installment.


Chez said...

Debby this will take some beating. What an exciting 'first' meeting.

BUSH BABE said...

You know how much I want to meet you and Tim... but you can be sure I will NOT be telling my husband this story. He's quite sure America is just one plane crash after another. (ANd Bill, you are NOT helping!).

Great story - you photojournalist you!

Twain12 said...

can't wait for the next exiting

Anonymous said...

Great story Deb. Just as well you had some photos and video as evidence! Enjoyed them also and glad they all got out - whatever they were up to. Barb

Jayne said...

That sounds like a great meet up :)
PJs and all :)

PaintedPromise said...

oh people you have no idea... you have GOT to meet Debby!!! whatever it takes, however you can work it out... DO IT!!!!!

and y'all are SERIOUSLY going to kill me... i somehow managed to leave my camera in the rental car in Detroit... {sigh}

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

It sounds like your first meeting went really well. I've met one blogging friend. If we continue traveling as we do, I'm sure I'll meet a few more blogging friends. There's a few local bloggers, too, that I would like to meet (you included!)

Debby said...

Susan and Randy were everything I hoped they would be. Susan and I had talked about how we hoped the guys would hit it off. Before it was all over and done, Tim was asking Randy and Susan 'So what airport do you use when you're headed back to Arizona?' Yeah. I'd say they found a lot in common. Plus Randy has his own cannon. Tim has always wanted a cannon. *sigh*