Friday, August 20, 2010


50 cents each.
(they spaaaaaaaarkle....)

Happy feet.

(which match the rest of me.)



Bill of Wasilla said...

Hey! I wondered what happened to my socks!

Give them back!

Debby said...

They're mine now...bwahahahahahahahaha!

steviewren said...

Yikes! Only one used book. The price you have to pay for new books is painful. Too bad you couldn't find them all used.

It sounds like you are all rested up and ready to tackle classes again.

Debby said...

Actually, there were two used books in there. There was a surprising dearth of OT books on line, at least on e-bay and At orientation they explained that these books are the books that we will use for most of the entire course (whew!) and that they are 'career' books, books that we will continue to refer to as we work in the field. That explains why you can't buy a lot of them used, and why they are pricy even when you can. It did make me sick to spend that kind of money. The woman at the register laughed as I pulled faces as she rang it all up. They had a marvelous little coupon for a free candy bar after you had purchased nine. (They were overpriced.) I told her that when someone spent $448 on books (one of the books in the pile was bought on I thought they should get a free candy bar as a consolation prize. She laughed. I left unconsoled.

Yes, Roland. I didn't need it anyways. And speaking of that: Friday weigh-in. I've lost a little over a pound in the past two weeks. I forgot it last week too.

Tata for now!

Anonymous said...

Cute socks!
Bob and I buy textbooks this time of year too. We buy the textbooks for Stacey. She pays us back once she gets her student loan. I just shelled out about $100 for books on Adobe Photoshop CS5. I've upgraded from Photoshop Elements. There is a BIG difference between the two programs!

Kelly said...

Congrats on the pound gone. I've been working on it lately, myself.

I love your notebooks!! There's nothing quite like fresh, new school supplies!!

WhiteStone said...

Book bill! Nasty!

Lydia said...

Love the pictures! REALLY love the socks.

I'm so excited for you to start school again -- you know, you are on your way, sister!

Mikey said...

Happy feet!!! lol
Yikes on the books!!! Yikes!!!

PaintedPromise said...

BLING NOTEBOOOKS!!!!!!! and just WHERE did you find those???

my kids accuse me of turning into grammy... but i do SO love bling... however i hope i am a bit more tasteful with it than their grammy {sigh}