Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Different Perspective

I had to go to school today.
At the beginning of my first semester, back in January, when I was slogging to school every day, uncertain, nervous, self conscious, I'd walk over a bridge, past this scene. I remember thinking that the obelisk in the back was kind of strange. I never really studied it other than to give it a quick look.

Towards the end of the semester, when I began to figure that I wasn't going to totally humiliate myself, I began to look around myself with a bit more interest. One day I walked out of a building and caught sight of the 'obelisk' from a different perspective. It wasn't an obelisk at all, and I remember stopping dead in my tracks on a bright sunshiny spring day to look, amazed that this sculpture so perfectly captured my own joy that day. I always meant to get a picture of it for you all. Now I have.
Another picture I always meant to take was this. At the end of the year, I learned a new way to get to the college, less traffic. Look at this garage door. There's a story here. The Sydney Opera House doesn't show up in Jamestown NY, unless there is a story. When I find out I will tell you.

Hey, BB?
These emus send greetings to their rellies in Oz.

These particular emus belong to a farm.

They sell emu oil right alongside a more regular line of produce.
"What for?" I asked. And they told me that it was wonderful for the skin and that for whatever reason, it seemed to enhance the effects of glucosamine chondroitin. I was almost tempted. But since I spent $448.00 on school books just yesterday, I couldn't justify spending any more on anything, even emu oil for my aching bones. I studied it closely though. Might be that I change my mind when it starts getting wintry here. The aches are worse in the winter. At least I know where to get it.
The people were just as friendly as they could be.


Kelly said...

Hmmm...that's interesting about the emu oil.

I love that sculpture! I'm so glad you're taking so many pictures now and sharing them with us. Makes me want to take pictures, too! That and the fact I just got a new camera. I need to start using it. So far I've snapped one test photo to make sure it worked, then deleted it.

Scotty said...

When you find out about that garage door, lemme know too - I'm curious as well.

BUSH BABE said...

Intrigued by the scenic garage door... obviously an Aussie there at some time!

Emu oil - I have heard of it, and seen it for sale here, but must admit I haven't tried it. Our emus certainly wouldn't be happy fenced it - the rotters destroy fences here regularly!

What a difference a half a year makes, hey?

Anonymous said...

Everything looks familiar, except that sculpture. I think I would have stopped dead in my tracks, too, when I saw what it was. Great pictures of things you see at school and on your way home.

Mary Paddock said...

That garage door is interesting. 'Can't wait to hear the story.

Good luck in school Deb!

Chez said...

Quite a landmark is the Opera House Debby, will be interested to learn the history of the garage door. Glad you found the alternative route.
I am currently using pure Emu Oil for my radiation burns and scarring. Expensive but worth it!

Debby said...

You too, Mary!

As soon as I see someone out in the yard, I will stop for the story of the garage door from Oz.

Anonymous said...

Jenn and I have both gone by the special garage door on our drives back and forth to Jamestown. It really is a work of art. The folks at the Anderson's Produce stand are so nice and so helpful. It's a great place to stop on the way home to pick up some fruits and veggies or some Cuba Cheese. Thanks for sharing your photos. Study hard and have some fun, too.

Debby said...

OOoh! Karen M? It's you, isn't it?

jeanie said...

I am not sure about Emu oil, but if you meet a Goanna Oil Salesman don't believe a word.