Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yep. It's done!

It's done. It's over. I walked out of the lecture hall, and I was just as happy as any child on the last day of school. I felt like twirling, my arms outstetched, reaching to the sky, calling my gratitude to the great gray sky. But I did not. I walked with the dignity befitting my years.

I came home and made dinner for Tim, a rare thing indeed, and after he left for work, I went out to mow my lawn. You know, when lawn mowing is just another chore you have to get done because you've got a thousand other things to do, it's drudgery, but today, because I was free, because I had time, I took my time, and I enjoyed it, the smell of the grass, the neatly cut lines.

And then I went out, to visit with my old friends, and we sat around a camp fire talking, our words playing out pleasantly, much like the sparks that spun into the night sky.

And now, I will brush my teeth and go to bed, and as I wait for sleep to come, I will read Pat Conroy.

Man~ time with my husband. A freshly mown lawn. Laughing with friends. Watching the flames dance and shimmer in the darkness. Reading a brand new book. Truly, this day was just about perfect.


Kelly said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your evening. Hope the book is all you anticipated, too!

RedWifey said...

Congrats!! Glad you're done and glad you had such a good time celebrating!

Pencil Writer said...

Fabulous! Enjoy the sweet quiet times.

jeanie said...

Happy, happy, happy day!!! Congratulations - you made it through to the other side and it looks like the blessings are being freely granted. Enjoy your weekend.

Bob said...

YEA for you. Can't wait to hear how you like the Conroy book. I've read all of his.

Scotty said...

Good on ya, Debby - glad to hear the pressure's off somewhat - now, kick back, have a rum or two and relax.