Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Postings will be sparse. I am ending one job while beginning the other. To top it all off, I had to work late last night. My co worker was sick, and went home early.

The new job is going to be a nice fit. It's just a far more respectful place to work. In fact, respect for one another is part of their productive work place policy. What they expect from their employees as customer service is very carefully outlined. Their vision, my vision ~ we are one. I enjoyed my morning yesterday, which goes along very nicely with their mission statement: "Play hard, Have fun, make money." (Anyone care to guess where I work?) I walked in yesterday, and said, "Hey, someone's looking at tractors out front." Immediately, someone shot out the front door. We are 11 percent ahead of the game, profit-wise for the month, and it is easy to see why. When I left a few minutes later (I'd stopped in just to show the boss my social security card, something I don't carry with me, and should have thought to bring that morning), I walked to my car, again passing the tractors. My co-worker had one foot propped up on the front wheel of a tractor and was leaning comfortably as he and the customer talked. We exchanged 'thumbs up'.

You know, the 'old' me would have struggled valiantly to fit into the old job. She would have been miserable, and anxious. It wouldn't have worked. There would have been tears. The 'new' me assessed the situation, decided that it wasn't going to work, that (moreover) I had absolutely no inclination to make it work. The 'new' me saw a chance to get out of there, and she took it. There was no agonizing, and there was no self recrimination. It is what it is, and I'm better off someplace else. And while there are a couple gloaters at the old place of employment, it makes me laugh inside every time I think of it: they're walking around feeling as if they 'won'. Fact is, I did.


Jayne said...

The old job was meant for someone else who was a better fit and this new job was waiting for you.
No use cramming square pegs into round holes when it just makes everyone miserable.
I have no idea where you work except gurgle search came up with something about a restaurant and pancakes, not tractors.
Please explain? :P

BUSH BABE said...

Wondering why this is filed under 'mortified'. Maybe you need a new category: fortified? Heh.

Good on you - it's been amazing to see you change and grow and appreciate the new 'you'. Fabulous. Have fun at your new place...

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Is the new job at Tractor Supply, behind where you were working?

PaintedPromise said...

hurray for Deb, sounds like a great place to work!!!

Chez said...

Deb I am still asking myself if I have missed something as I have not worked out your new work place?
Another good news story which you deserve so very much. I am so happy for you.

Kelly said...

Well, I don't have a clue where you are working now, either, but I know it must agree with you. Glad you made the change!

Lydia said...

No clue here either, but let me say this -- you ain't a-woofin' when you say you won. God Bless America, you needed to make a change. Glad you were able to!

Blessings, hope to hear more about how it is going once you get settled in.