Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trying Again

These pictures actually loaded in backwards order. Dummy me forgot how it works. So you'll have to scroll down to the last picture and begin there.
I'm serious. Get down there!

This is Garnet. There really is nothing more pleasant than sitting on a front porch visiting with good people on a Sunday afternoon while petting the cats that jump up to say hello. Unless it's petting a little dog too. Thus ends my photo essay on my Sunday afternoon.
Gratuitous cat picture for Bill. Anyways, there is nothing more pleasant than sitting on a front porch visiting with good people on a Sunday afternoon and petting the cats that jump up to say hello. Okay. Scroll up.

Then I got the idea to head over to Karen's house, to show you the front porch I sprawled on while petting cats and little dogs, and visiting, earlier this week. Karen already had company. Her company is Karen, too. Gets a little confusing, doesn't it? Just say Hi Karen and Karen! That's all you need to know. Next thing you know, you'll be porch sitting and visiting with us, and believe me, there is nothing more pleasant than sitting on a front porch visiting with good people on a Sunday afternoon. Scroll up, please.

This is the view from the back deck of the rental. It's very peaceful, and the kitchen has a bank of windows that overlook the deck and this scene.
Makes me want to sing.
"Ol' black water, keeps on rolling, Mississipi moon won't you keep on shining on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...."
Sorry. I get carried away sometimes. Just scroll up.

You're here.
Sunday night, I was bored, after mowing the lawn and weeding, etc. (Tim was at work. So I decided to take a little ride and take pictures with my new camera. This is Tim's 'new' car. We're waiting on the tail light, so that it can be inspected. He also bought new bumper covers, front and back. He got new tires for it. The car is at one of the houses downtown. Okay. Now scroll UP.


WhiteStone said...

Kitty's tail is dangerously close to that rocker. I hear a "yowl" in the background!

Debby said...

He was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a roomful of rockers. No. Actually, Karen is very used to stepping around small furry critters. There were no yowls.

Kelly said...

That was entertaining!! I didn't even mind doing things in reverse order. Oh... and I was singing along with you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely front porch; I love wicker furniture.

steviewren said... the reverse order thingie! And something else I would love is a comfy porch like that to sit and visit on.

Mrs.Spit said...

Thanks so much for sharing.

Mikey said...

I actually liked reading it that way. Maybe you're on to something.
LOVE LOVE LOVE that front porch!! Makes me want to do something with mine, besides take rattlesnakes off it...
and how is it I wasn't "following" you already? no matter, I am now :)

Chez said...

Maybe it suits my style to be a little dyslexic Debby. Found myself going backwards in spite of your instruction.

Lydia said...

Loved the photos! AND enjoyed going backwards, it added a little flair to the process. Kind of like the movie Memento (which I didn't really like). ... but, I did like your post... very peaceful.

Twain12 said...

looks like a great sunday :)

Bob Barbanes said...

Hilarious! Like the "backwards" Seinfeld episode. And a great post at that. But if we're gonna sing the Doobies (and we are), it would have to be "Another Park, Another Sunday." For a bunch of stoners ("doobie" brothers? come on!) didn't they make some terrific music?

BUSH BABE said...

You are a dag Debby... and you KNOW I mean that in the NICEST possible way (Kenny Everett anyone?). Too funny - and makes me yearn for a porch to share with a certain friend of mine. (NB We call 'em verandahs, or landings.)

Debby said...

Mikey? Before I do any front porch sitting at your house, please make sure to remove any and all rattlesnakes. BB? I know you don't have rattlesnakes where you are at, but your snakes are bigger. And more poisonous. Yeah. I don't care what you call it, but get those snakes off your porch before I get there. K? Thnx.

Okay, Bob...and when we're done, can we sing "South City Midnight Lady"?

Redlefty said...

Love it!

Bob said...

Ditto Redlefty's comment!

It's Friday night . . . I'm reading blogs . . . wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together?

Debby said...

Yep. I betcha we'd all have a mighty fine time. That's what I think.

Bill of Wasilla said...

It's nice to discover that even on another of my long absences, when I am out in bush country, not getting much net time and that very slow and frustrating, you still remember me on your blog and in so fine a way as this - with a picture of great cat.

How do I know it is a great cat?

Because it is a cat and therefore it is great.

I am home in Wasilla now with my own cats, after having had a sad cat incident yesterday that has left me very worried - although I believe the odds for the cat are reasonably good.

Now, it's time to start getting caught up on my own blog.

PaintedPromise said...

i was just thinking (and even commented) how much i would like to sit and visit with you... and after trying to catch up on your blog as i have had a busy time lately... I FEEL LIKE I HAVE JUST SAT AND VISITED WITH YOU! so i am off to eat my lunch with a big smile. Debby - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!