Monday, July 5, 2010

Rainbow People

Okay. I'm back. We are busy at the store. I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and I will go to work today in a few hours. We've got extra people on duty, because the Rainbow people are having their annual 'non-gathering' of 'non-members'. I'm not against people thinking differently than me, but this is an interesting group, people who come from all over the United States to dance naked and smoke pot on Federal Property. I don't like to stereotype, but there are many of them who seem to make a living pan-handling. Tim was driving home one night and there was a red Mustang at the side of the road with its four-ways on. He stopped. It was a carload of Rainbows from Virginia. They had a flat tire. Seems the one tire was going flat so they put the 'donut' on and then ran that until it blew. They professed not to have a jack. When they went to the trunk to get the 'soft tire' that they had taken off earlier, he noted the cardboard "Hungry" signs. There was no flashlight, and so Tim used his cell phone and the driver's to light the underside of the car to get the tire changed. When it was done, he gathered up his cell phone and jack and headed back to the car. "Hey...can I borrow your cellphone?" the girl asked. Tim is a suspicious charactor. He looked at her in the dark and said, "Well, you've got one of your own." She said, "Oh, it's not working." Tim said, "Mine's junk. You don't want to use it." He put his stuff away and started to get in the car. The boy reached inside the car and said, "Oh. The battery's dead." Tim was very much on guard at that point. The young man had stuck his arm inside the car, but had not reached in nearly far enough to reach the ignition. There also had been no momentary flicker of light as the car attempted to start. Tim stood at his open door, wary. "It's dead?!!" He looked at the blinkers still flashing regularly, brightly. "Yep. Dead. See?" and again the young boy stuck his hand in the car, but Tim knew instantly that he was not reaching across the steering wheel to the ignition. He got in his car. "Don't you have jumper cables?" the driver called. And Tim said no, and drove away quickly into the darkness of the Seneca Nation.

There have been lots of arrests made. Five pounds of pot was intercepted. A Rainbow walked up to a local and asked to use their address for a package. The folks called the police, and so the shipment was intercepted. How dumb is that? Just walk up to any old stranger, and ask to use their address? Probably the biggest problem with them (that I have heard of) is that they simply do not respect the rights of others. One person in Sheffield supposedly came home at night and as he got out of his vehicle, he heard voices coming from his backyard. He walked back and found Rainbows in his pool. Mother Earth may belong to everyone, but the man paid for that pool with his own money, I imagine.

They've been a problem at the Walmart. They came in and stripped down and were bathing in the bathroom. A mother walked in with her child, naked people everywhere. She walked right back out, and the police were called to round up the naked people, get them clothed, and run them out the door. There's also the story of Bi-lo supermarket, which is unverified. A group of Rainbows went in, squirted a handful of shampoo, and then rubbed it into their hair. They were supposedly rinsing their hair using the produce sprayer when they were caught and run out. When the store employees were hauling the produce out to the dumpster, the Rainbow people were waiting. The fast food places have actually resorted to locking their dumpsters to keep people out of them. I don't know. To me, the thought of eating from a dumpster is horrifying, but if there are people who want that food, well, what's it hurting? I'd probably be more inclined to just set the food in a box and give it to the people waiting. I mean, the food's being thrown away anyhow. What does it matter?

The ones that I've met have been okay. They want something for nothing, always. They came to our store for ice, thinking we had fountain drinks. We don't. They asked for ice. I said, 'Seven pounds for $1.69 or 22 pounds for $4.19." They did not need that much. Didn't I have some ice that I could give them? "No," I said (because I did not), and so they left, returning a few minutes later to get boiling water from the coffee brewer. They didn't make a scene or anything. I saw another woman who could not look at me when she spoke to me, and I thought of mental illness right away and felt sorry for her. The world is not kind to you if you are different. I was kind. I guess that my own take on things is that you always treat people kindly.

These people are, for the most part, dredlocked and unbathed, deeply tanned transients. They come to Heart's Content every year and create a nightmarish situation, leave a mess. We have Forest Rangers brought in from California and Texas and other far flung areas. This is at taxpayer expense. (There aren't any extra rangers closer than that?) The Rainbows claim 'harassment'. I'm sure that they are being harassed. I'm just as sure of that as I am that there are a number of them behaving very badly.

Still, though, there was a report that one of them had given birth, right there in the woods, with a midwife at her side. A customer, upon hearing that, said in disgust, "They should've drowned the thing in a bucket." Just like that. I gaped a little, in shock that someone would say something so awful. One of my coworkers said, "You don't know. Maybe that child will grow up to find a cure for cancer." The old man said that he sincerely doubted it, and stuck to his guns that they were all worthless, undeserving to live. I was busy, but I did think to myself that I would much rather deal with Rainbow people than mean people, any day.


Jayne said...

What a horrible thing to say about an innocent baby, I hope that old man is looked after in his twilight years and not discarded like he thought the child should be.

Congrats on finishing the exams!!!!

Debby said...

That's interesting. I was under the impression that it was a yearly thing at Heart's Content, but also know that there was not the ranger presence that this is this year last year, so perhaps I am incorrect on whether previous year's events were an official non-gathering. I'll ask, though. A local ranger comes into the store regularly. She'd know.

Debby said...

Oh, spit. That last response was in answer to Linda. She questioned whether it was accurate to say the gathering was held each year in Heart's Content. I thought it was a comment, however, it turned out to be an e-mail. Linda may be correct that it is not an official gathering in Heart's content each year. Dunno. Will check. Thanks for writing Linda.

WhiteStone said...

Hmmm...happy we don't have any beautiful national parks nearby.

Twain12 said...

never hear of rainbow people, i guess i learn something new ever day

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Debby :-)
By the way, Bob was at K-Mart the other day, checking his oil in the motorcycle. To do so he has to tip the motorcycle a little bit. Bob's motorcycle has a lot of chrome. He saw a SUV pull up alongside him. The driver asked if Bob if there was a problem. Bob looked up, saw that the SUV was a police vehicle. He told the officer that he was checking his oil. The officer asked if he lived around here. Bob told him that he lived just down the road. As Bob was relating this story to me, it occurred to both of us that the police officer might have thought Bob was a rainbow person and was attempting to siphon gas.

jeanie said...

Good on you for standing up for an innocent - I hate people carrying intolerances into comments with violent or destructive overtones.

They are referred to as "ferals" over here.

BUSH BABE said...

What an interesting (and I admit, unsettling) dynamic to have around. What's sad is that some of them DO do the wrong thing (or try to, in Tim's case), which seems to excuse the kind of comment you heard in the servo. Nothing excuses that.

Perhaps they could have all the 'rainbows' gather at a truck wash somewhere and hose them all down en masse?? I read that link you gave... not terribly in-depth that report. Sounds like the reporter came and went very quickly!!

Kelly said...

Hmmmm. I'm not really sure what to think about all this.

I read the article you linked to and have to say.... sometimes the comments on stuff like that are as entertaining as the article itself!!

Interesting encounter your husband had with them, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debby, great post. Entertaining and informative!

“I'd probably be more inclined to just set the food in a box and give it to the people waiting. I mean, the food's being thrown away anyhow. What does it matter”?

Fear of being sued is the main reason businesses are reluctant to give away food that is going to be thrown away.

In Sydney and Canberra, there’s ‘OZHarvest’, a charitable origination that rescues food that is going to be discarded and gives it to the needy. One of the hurdles they had to face when they were starting up (in terms of getting corporate sponsors and donors) was this fear of litigation. But they are now going from strength to strength.

“I was busy, but I did think to myself that I would much rather deal with Rainbow people than mean people, any day”.


Cheers, DavidM

Mikey said...

Wow, that's kind of crazy. I was near a gathering once, and I remember the havoc they wreak on whatever town they're near. Still, the old man was certainly a lovely gentleman... NOT.
People are crazy.