Friday, July 16, 2010

Great Morning.

I have a 7:45 appointment at the cancer center, so I'm up early this morning. I woke up to the sounds of distant thunder and sitting at the computer, the storm has moved in big time, with heavy rain and dramatically loud thunder grumbles. It's a great time to be sipping coffee and watching it all move in.

Hindsight being 20/20, I guess I should have mowed the lawn last night. I could have scrubbed and waxed two floors on my hands and knees today, but it appears that lawn mowing is out of the question.

Oh. And something else I've noticed? A few weeks ago, Jayne (and probably others) commented on the wonderful 'new book' smell. That's all well and good, but last night, reading contentedly in bed before falling asleep over my book, I discovered that I love the smell of old books even more.

Really, there is nothing finer than having a balance in life ~ work, leisure, private time, friend time, sunshine, and storms.


Chez said...

'A balanced life' If only Debby!
Is it routine at the cancer hospital?
Love storms and the sound of rain on the colourbond roof.

Jayne said...

The storm was to wash your day ;)

Debby said...

If the storm wanted to do something useful, really, it could have mowed the lawn...

BUSH BABE said...

Hope all goes well with the appt. Love the smell of old books, new books and thunderstorms!

jeanie said...

Darn - I was going to post you a poem that is unfortunately not on this computer (may never have been put on the computer) that sums up what I think you are saying.

The lines from the poem goes:

My room smells of incense.
My room smells of freshly cut hay, sun, the rain, books - and incense.

Hugs to you - so glad you are getting all the good signs right now.

Lori said...

I love "old book" smell too -- as long as it isn't the smell of mold! :)