Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is a test. It is only a test...

Inorganics: water, minerals, bases, acids. Organics: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids. Ionization, cations, anions, metabolisms, catabolisms, anabolisms, Hooke, Aristotle, Hippocrates, van Leuwenhocke (sp, probably), Darwin, organization of an organism, the eleven systems, steps of a scientific study. What's a complex carbohydrate? Name three simple carbohydrates. When is an atom at its most stable. Name a hydrophilic chemical. Is it polar or non-polar? Name a hydrophobic chemical. What makes it hydrophobic? Chloride is always a anion (-), sodium the cation (+). Last night, I kept shoveling it all in, and trying to understand. This is nerve wracking because I'm used to studying something until I know it, but here, there is so much to know, and so much that it ties into that I cannot be confident that I know it. The best way to describe is that I'm trying to pour a bag of sugar into a measuring cup. It won't all fit, but I'm trying to get as much in as I can, heaping it, but what a mess.

You know, this is just scary. I also have a test in lab, a practical. I have studied very little for that. (I don't have a dissected rat at home.) I'm tired. Tim argued me into bed last night. He's right. There would be no sense to staying up all night to study. I'd just be exhausted and when I'm exhausted, I falls apart. Lots of weeping. Everything seems too big to handle. Not a good way to walk into a major test. So, I went to bed, and I was sure that I wouldn't sleep at all, but I did, and soundly too. I ate breakfast this morning, being mindful to eat a heaping helping of protein. I've gone over my notes. After I'm done here, I'll get my shower and head out the door early to study my lab stuff outside the classroom one more time. I'll knock that out of the way, and then head to lecture where I'll have twenty minutes to study before class begins.

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, an astounding thought hit me. What I am studying now is the basics of A and P. This is the foundation of A and P. This is the simple stuff. *wide eyes* I am in so much trouble, people.

*heads off to the shower repeating 'This is a test, this is only a test...'*


Lydia said...

Hope your tests went well. Summer classes are really intense, I think it is like trying to take a drink from a fire hose. Hang in there!

Chez said...

Debby this sounds so complicated to the uninitiated. So much to take in. So little time to do it. Glad your lovely husband continues to guide you, especially in sending you off to bed. Sleep is essential. It will surely help you when it comes time to recall all that precious knowledge that you have learned.
My best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your test. And hugs to you and Tim. You have a good one there - he is definitely a keeper! xx Barb

Twain12 said...

good luck ♥

WhiteStone said...

Question: "What makes it hydrophobic?"
Answer: Rabies. Everyone who has read stories such as "Old Yeller" knows that.

*blinks! recovers from long distance slap from PA"

Seriously...this is worse than my phonetics class! Not phonics, phonetics!

BUSH BABE said...

Okay - my head is spinning too. Just let me know when you are ready for a chardonnay. That's my very helpful contribution (good thing you are married to Tim and not me, eh?)

Mrs.Spit said...

I am remembering biology - but I can't remember all 11 systems anymore.

Do your best. It's all anyone can do.