Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Results, not reasons.

As expected, I bombed that lab. Not only did I forget the diagram of the serous membrane, I also forgot to finish a second question. 2 1/2 points lost there needlessly, and it made me sick. Combined with what I missed, I ended up with 17.5 points out of 25. Another error I made in identifying parts was to simply label an adrenal gland as 'adrenal gland' instead of 'left adrenal gland'. I also did the same thing with a teste. Foolish mistakes that I'll try my best to never repeat again. However the good news is that I think I did very well on the lab quiz we had today, and combined with my previous grade that will bring me back up into the eightieth percentile.

That test we had for lecture? The one with all the chemistry, the one that I studied myself blind on? That one, I got a 93 on. I was also kind of frustrated to see that I'd also missed a question there for misreading it. How stupid! Our huge test (chapters 1-6) has been delayed. Just as we filed into the lecture, we lost power. The auditorium was plunged into total darkness. I sat there for a time, but nothing happened. We all went outside, where we got to know each other better as we waited to be dismissed.

So I got home early, even though my intention was to stay the afternoon and get some extra time in the lab with the microscope and histology slides. (Big test on that Monday). So I've been doing some extra studying, but I took a break to make two quiches (homemade crusts, too). They are baking even as I sit here. The kitchen has been put back to rights. I keep telling myself that when I am done tomorrow, I will be 1/3 of the way through this class. These calculations make me gladder than I can say.


Lydia said...

Soon you will be eating your quiche & will be 1/2 way done as well! Keep on plugging!

WhiteStone said...

Home baked quiche sounds like a great way to end the day. Especially if there is some left over for either bedtime or breakfast snack.

BUSH BABE said...

MMmmmmm. Quiche. And BTW - your concept of 'bombed' and mine? Completely different!

BUSH BABE said...

MMmmmmm. Quiche. And BTW - your concept of 'bombed' and mine? Completely different!

BUSH BABE said...

MMmmmmm. Quiche. And BTW - your concept of 'bombed' and mine? Completely different!

jeanie said...

You passed! And you have quiche! Sweet.

Jayne said...

Yay on passing :)
And extra yay on the quiche!

Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Deb. Just accept the lesson and move on. You are doing so very, very well. One hint about going back over your work - my worst memory is being finished early in a maths test, reviewed my work - and changed a correct answer on a big question into a wrong one!! Dropped my mark considerably from very high to OK!

And on the blank mind bit - just relax if you have studied it, go onto the next question without stressing, and the answer can often come back into your mind while you are on another part - and you'll be able to go back, hopefully, and do it. Doesn't always work, but if it is somewhere there in the brain the memory is a pretty amazing thing if you can relax it. I think tension often cuts off memory pathways.

Sorry to hear about the car lights after all that. Thank goodness for Tim again.

The quiches sound so good. Makes dinner here tonight sound a bit pedestrian. You do well to fit everything in that you do.

Good luck for the rest of the course. Love Barb xxx

rhubarbwhine said...

I think BB was a tad excited :) Quiche sounds good. Hang in there!~

Debby said...

Rhu~ I just thought she really, really loved quiche. (Lorraine, btw). Don't get too excited, BB. I will leave from school at one and head straight to work, working until 8. After a lovely microwaveable lunch of left over quiche, poor Tim and Cara are having hotdogs and french fries for supper. I've got a vegetable for them to grab from the freezer, but I am betting they won't. I myself have a nice veggie selection to munch on for the day.

Kelly said...

What's wrong with hotdogs and french fries for supper?? Sounds good to me!

I would say you'll still finish this course with a perfectly acceptable grade. It could have been a LOT worse!!

Oh...and the quiche sounds good to me, too. Well, maybe not as good as it evidently does to BB, but still good!

Mikey said...

Don't beat yourself up over this. College isn't supposed to be easy, you know. Plus, if I "know" you, it'll just make you try 10 times harder on everything else.
Quiche sounds delicious! I haven't made any in years, maybe I should do that.