Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long Day

Went to class, had more new words thrown at me. A heaping helping of new words. Dear heavens. I don't know if it is possible to absorb that much. We covered two chapters. I've got a lot of homework. I've got a practical on Tuesday. 200 points. Am I scared? Um. Witless. I left school glad that class was done, glad that this week is done, glad to be able to say that I am half way done with this flipping class. Ay yi yi. This is killer. KIIIIIIIILLER.

The lab teacher? It appears that they are going to work with him, give him a chance. I was relieved. I was afraid he'd be fired or something, but he wasn't.

Left there and went to work. That manager apologized and said that she was totally out of line. That made me feel better. I apologized for responding in kind.

Now I'm home. I'm going to bed. Furthermore, I am not going to set the alarm. I will wake up when I want. Sadly, that will probably be about 6:30. That's okay, I reckon. I'll get an early start on that truckload of homework and the bejillion new words I have to figure out.

The end.


WhiteStone said...

When I want to emphasize the magnitude of something (such as how ants might be crawling across the counter) I'll say something like "two million". But a bejillion! That's gotta be even more than a gazillion! Oy!!!

jeanie said...

Wow - to go to sleep, perchance to dream - without the threat of an alarm. Bliss.

Lydia said...

Hope you had a good sleep. Glad to hear that things are coming around, the lab instructor, your manager, and Tim's job. Good luck studying all of those new vocabulary words, and did you say half-way done?! You are on the home stretch!

Kelly said...

I hope by the time you read this you will have had a great night's sleep and feel totally refreshed!

Half way!!