Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Thanks, everyone. Here's the dealy-deal. I brushed up a little on the lab stuff, but since I didn't have a lot of trouble with the rat dissection, I did not spend a lot of time on that. My focus was on the lecture portion which had me drowning in chemical stuff that scared me to death. The fact of it is that I went to school early to sit down with my lab book, but got there and discovered that everyone else had the same idea. The hall was packed with people, and they were all talking. I got into the class room. The testing was new to me. Picking up and moving every minute meant that I was interrupting myself to move and I found it very distracting and hard to keep my focus on what I was doing. I don't think that I did well on this test overall. (When this gal draws a blank, she is BLANK!) Once my focus was lost, I started to get nervous, and even things that I would have expected to have no problem with, I was struggling with, and well...

What I have learned from this is:

1) I need to study just as much for the labs as the lecture portion, even if I think that I've 'got' the lab.

2) I need to understand that focus is going to be an issue for labs practicals and compensate for that.

3) I need to get over it, and move on smartly.

4) I have also learned that when I study myself blind, even the hard stuff (like chemistry) can be conquered.

5) Drive my own car.

6) Always drink my coffee from my 'lucky' mug on a test day.

Lessons learned. Today is a new day.


A Novel Woman said...

I know what you mean about the "blank" being REALLY blank. I think it's menopause, or at least, the haywire hormones. Before it hit me like a wet tuna to the side of the head, I used to be able to relax and the answer would just pop into my head. Now, it's like a vast canyon in there, the only sound is a chirping cricket and the wind whistling through the valley of my memory. (snort)

Okay, seriously, I'm so impressed that you are back at school studying at such an intense level. Kudos.

Kelly said...

I like PW's analogy. I know the feeling of that vast canyon!

As I said before... now you know what to expect so you'll be better prepared next time. (am I gonna have to call and give you another pep talk??)

Kelly said...

Talk about a vast canyon.... I can't even work with what's right in front of my face! That should have been "NW's analogy"!!!

A Novel Woman said...

Just saw that and LOL! Welcome to my world.