Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This was the last day of the fetal pig dissection. I'm not sorry to be done with that. My lab partner, Ieasha, is a lovely girl, shy, smart. She was late this morning, and I had an awful feeling that I was going to be stuck working alone on our pig. Much to my great relief, she showed up, and we worked together separating the veins from the arteries, cutting carefully, teasing the tiny blood vessels apart and tracing them back.

While we were working, I told Ieasha what a relief it had been to see her walking into the room. She said, "But you'd have been okay. It seems like you really enjoy the dissections. I stopped to stare. "No," I said. "I'll be glad to have this done, that's for sure." She said, "But you're doing such a careful and good job." I explained my strategy to her. The class' pigs are being used for the practical. Many students had a hard time with the pigs, and blood vessels were lost, or perhaps the dye did not diffuse well. I don't know. But each time a teacher stopped by our pig, they said, "That's really good work," or "That shows up really well," or something like that. I figure for sure that our carefully dismantled pig will be on display during the practical. We know the names of the veins and arteries that we found as we cut. I figure that finding them on a familiar piglet will be a real help.

That's the plan anyway.

On a unrelated story, I was working at the store when a mother and her little boy stopped in. The boy had some sort of little pamphlet on frogs, and I admired it as I waited on them. He began to get quite excited as he told me about the digging he'd been doing, and the things that he'd discovered. It made me smile as I listened to this little scientist. Apropos to nothing, really, he suddenly said, "And do you know that we have BONES underneath our skin?" and his little eyes went wide at the idea of it. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do," I said. "Would you like a picture of all the bones, a coloring sheet?" And he got very excited when I told him that I had one at home that he could have for his very own. "Don't forget the SKULL," he had said, all agog with excitement and tapping at his little head. I've got to say that little guy is a lot more taken with A and P than I am.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the world through a child's eyes is such a joy, isn't it?

Did you happen to feel the earth shake today?

steviewren said...

Sounds like a good strategy to me. Hope it works. Being careful and doing it right should help no matter what.

Kelly said...

Hope you have the advantage of your pig being the display for the practical!

Chez said...

There you go again Debby; taking the time to explores the interests of others and bringing out the best in them. Great for the little fellow.