Sunday, June 13, 2010


I worked Friday night, and Saturday, and I will go into work at two today, after church. Dylan came home in his new Jeep Wrangler. It's nice, and he's proud of it. He'll head back home today. Cara leaves today as well, headed for her summer job working with the Upward Bound program.

Cara did bring home 'Shudder Island' and we watched it after work on Saturday, before I went back work on the massive homework assignment I had only halfway done (and due Monday, handed out Thursday). Dylan and Cara were very firm. "Mom," they said, "there will be no guessing the end. There will be no asking questions. Just watch the movie." I must say, the movie did not lend itself to that. It didn't ring true to me that there were so many sub plots. The Nazi aspect would have been adequate, or the deceased wife, but to try to connect both of those stories? It was too much. "It doesn't even seem real. And the bandage. What's up with that bandage? He's had it on his head now for days upon days." Dylan looked at me and laughed. "Yeah, mom, just the other day, I put on a bandage and people started dying all around me. And I wondered about bandages then too." He looked at his sister and said, "That mom...she's cracked another one!" And he and Cara laughed hard, shaking their heads. Tim shushed me, laughing too. But who had the last laugh? Hmmmmm? I did, I did! *waves hand wildly*

Then I went back to work, and I finished my homework (six hours of work, that.) I was able to read the paper for a few minutes before bed. We'll go out for breakfast before church, and before everyone heads out.

I feel badly about 'missing' this visit with the kids.

I feel great about getting that homework done.

Only only 17 more days and I can read my brand new book.

Have I, by chance, mentioned how happy I will be to see this class end? I did? Okay. I wasn't sure.

Completely unrelated comment: Even as I was typing in the last words, a tremendous cacophony of hooting owls took place in the woods behind the house. That was cool. And for some reason, it reminded me of movie watching with Cara and Dylan. I wonder why that is. But back to bed for me.

Late Edit: I guess that it is 'Shutter Island', not 'Shudder Island'. Can you tell who was in the kitchen scooping herself up a heaping helping of fruit salad during opening credits? Yeah. That be me.


quid said...

I haven't seen Shutter Island yet. Try as I might, I am not a recent Scorsese/DeCaprio fan ("The Departed"... jaw dropping... being the exception.) The author of the book Shutter Island is a fave of mine, Dennis Lehane. All those plots were controversial in the book, as well, but I liked it more than most. Should I get the DVD, Debby?


steviewren said...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see the movie or not. I don't like to scare myself too much since I have to live alone. I don't want to wake in the middle of the night creeped out by every little sound....which is what I always was when I was younger.

Somehow I missed reading what book you are looking forward to reading. Back in my craft business days, I would so look forward to the day after Christmas because I could go to the library again. From September forward I would have to ban myself from reading to ensure that I got enough work done for the buying season.

Kelly said...
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jeanie said...

Me - not going to EVER watch scary movies. I am bad enough at a slightly scary scene on the television! On another not - you gained a day on your book wait?

Best of luck with all the FIFO visits from your family! I am sure their main inspiration right now is you committing yourself and doing so well with your study.

jeanie said...

Note - not not - note...